Several movie fans took to Twitter on Sunday to remember the late Heath Ledger on his birthday, sharing stills from his films and quoting some of his most memorable lines to highlight his contribution to the film industry

Happy Birthday to Heath Ledger He had to be one of the greats and left way too early ImageTwittercom / eq0QG6M8ef

Heath Ledger made one of the GREATEST appearances of all time as Joker on The Dark Knight A wonderful actor would have loved to see him direct a movie one day He would have been 42 today Happy Birthday Heath Ledger picTwittercom / XRxrCxo0F5

Happy Birthday Heath Ledger gave ALL TIME the BIGGEST ACTION in film history, and not just in comic films.He would have been 42 todayImageTwittercom / 9hiZRkG28P

Ledger, who was born in Perth in 1979, began his acting career with a supporting role in the 1992 Australian film Clowning Around.He also starred in shows such as The Roar and Home and Away and gained valuable experience, eventually assuming a role in the 1997 released Blackrock, which marked his first “credited” performance on the big screen

He soon moved to the US to explore new avenues That decision yielded positive results when he took on a supporting role in the 2000 release The Patriot, which attracted a lot of attention a few years later when he investigated the lead role in the critically acclaimed drama Brokeback Mountain

The film was directed by Ang Lee and revolved around the romantic relationship between two cowboys.He then starred in films such as Casanova and Candy and found a foothold in the industry there, but the star was unable to enjoy his fame, when he on 22 January 2008 died due to an “accidental drug overdose”

In a twist of fate, The Dark Knight – the greatest film of his career – came out months after his death and appeared as a blockbuster

Many believe he managed to add depth to the character of legendary villain The Joker, which was no easy feat for the Australian Heartbeat posthumously winning the Oscar for the supporting actor, a development that has tears fans tears left in the eyes

His last film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus hit the screens in 2009 and made a decent impression at the box office The film was incomplete at the time of death, which forced the makers to rush Jude Law and Colin Farrell to the essay Altered versions of his character The ledger may be gone, but fans feel that he lives on through his work

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Heath Ledger

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