The NBA is still examining scenarios that could allow teams to play again in Europe and China next season, Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum said on Tuesday

Tatum also said the NBA’s double header would be shown on Tencent, a league streaming partner, at the season opener Tuesday night in China, but the coronavirus pandemic is preventing the league from playing games outside of the U.S this season, save for a possible Toronto Raptors return to Canada – something that won’t happen until March at the earliest

Usually the NBA has played preseason games in China and brought some regular season games to Mexico and Europe. Plans for this season were for a game in Paris, despite the pandemic forcing those games to be submitted

“We assume that once it’s healthy and safe, we can revert to a schedule of international preseason and regular season games,” Tatum said on a call with international reporters

NBA games were available on Tencent last season despite the fact that the league and the Chinese government had a very strained relationship – an October 2019 tweet from then Houston director general Daryl Morey showing support for anti-government protesters in Hong Kong Major outage including state broadcaster CCTV not showing NBA games for a full year CCTV put the NBA back into its channel lineup for the last two games of the NBA finals last fall

Commissioner Adam Silver said on the All-Star hiatus last February that the league’s troubles with China would result in up to $ 400 million in lost revenue – and that was before the pandemic broke out and more lack of revenue resulted in leaguewide

“There is no doubt that we have a long history in China, more than 40 years of history in China, and that we continue to be dedicated to personal interaction with the hundreds of millions of fans we have there “said Tatum” Playing global games was and is an important part of our commitment to our fans in China and in other parts of the world “

Tatum’s comments came on the day the NBA announced its international player breakdown for that season 107 such players from 41 countries made opening lists, including a record of 17 Canadian players and a record of 14 African players

“It’s just not the quantity of players, it’s the quality,” said Tatum, “These are some of the best players in the game”

This list includes the twice reigning Greek NBA MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo from Milwaukee, the Slovenian Luka Doncic from Dallas, the Serb Nikola Jokic from Denver and the Toronto Pascal Siakam and the Philadelphia Joel Embiid – both from Cameroon

The regular NBA season is expected to run until mid-May The playoffs will take place from 22 May to 22 July instead of that has sparked much speculation that NBA players will be able to compete in the Olympics, which will be held on Jan. Opened July in Tokyo

There are 24 nations – including Greece, Canada, Serbia and Slovenia – that will fight for the last four places in the men’s Olympic tournament from the end of June. Japan, the US., Argentina, Iran, Nigeria, France, Spain and Australia have already qualified

Tatum said the NBA is working closely with the International Olympic Committee and FIBA, the global governing body of the sport, to ensure that there is “the best possible schedule for everyone involved”” And it is possible that the finalization of the Olympic squads will be postponed to give NBA players maximum time before deciding whether to play or not”

“I am assuming that our association FIBA, together with the IOC, will also work with us on potential accommodation, even if rosters would otherwise have to be submitted, in order to realize that this will be more flexible and work in with us this season because the virus is very unsafe, “said Silver earlier this week


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