Posted: 22:33 GMT, 6 February 2021 | Updated: 23:19 GMT, Nov. February 2021

Eddie Jones talks about adding a smile to the English rugby crowd in the current climate, but people can’t enjoy this England Its side has some brilliant backs and it’s time to use them

Next weekend could be time for a change and I’d put Owen Farrell on the bench and start with George Ford against Italy on Saturday

Farrell was poor by his usual high standards at Twickenham, and England wasted four men lapping and kicking the ball Enough is enough now and I would give Ford a chance to show how he can run the back

This English team is bad to look at and it’s time to get Owen Farrell out of the next game

I’d rather see England bring some of their dangerous players into play and give them the opportunity to express themselves I don’t like watching Kick-Chase all the time, and I’m sure the folks at home don’t either

England need to push their game plan forward and give creative, elusive full-backs like Jonny May, Anthony Watson and Henry Slade more opportunities in the game

A more balanced game plan would keep the defense guessing, and that’s how England can put pressure on – right now we’re only putting half the players on the field. It’s time to share the load and put the ball on those backs and the Giving fans something to get really upset about

England could mess up their game more France combines solid set pieces with a good kick game but also brings the ball to their dangerous players so they can express themselves in their hands rather than just kicks for most of the game track

England can’t just say they win games based on the current schedule now that they have lost, Ford deserves to start and I would love to see them compete against the Italians with the rest of yesterday’s line apparently he did disassembled it in training, so let’s see how he’s doing

I keep saying that England need to develop a more expansive approach – or a Plan B – that will allow them to move the ball more. They continued to win games until yesterday, but statistics show that Scotland stayed 104 for 60 minutes Had made transfers to Englands 36 and five line breaks to Englands zero

I don’t think Ollie Lawrence in the middle and Watson on the wing had touched the ball by then and England have to bring those players into play. Leaving Farrell on the bench would give Lawrence the chance to show what he can – he hardly had an opportunity in his short career

The English pack is usually dominant, so there’s no reason Ford can’t get its back to shoot on a run

If you leave Farrell out, Ollie Lawrence (L) and Anthony Watson (R) can thrive

I would have made the same changes from the bench as Eddie did yesterday. Ford and Farrell work well together and when they got the chance England moved the ball better but by then it was too late

Everyone is talking about Maro Itoje as a potential captain, so I would let him run for Farrell with Ford and Ben Youngs as his deputies Itoje is a guaranteed starter and leads by example

Fair play for Scotland As a full-back, I can appreciate how well Stuart Hogg played, especially in the second half, and they deserved their win

They played smart in the first half, using their offensive kicking play to get the ball behind England. They had England conceding penalties and that resulted in Billy Vunipola’s yellow card

England built up some momentum, but Scotland played skillfully again in the second half and put England on their hindfoot

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