Michael Holding has honored the Royal Television Society Award for Sports Presenter, Commentator or Pundit and Sky Cricket for Best Sports Program

For both Holding and Sky Cricket, it is the second award in a week that the Sports Journalism Association Awards on Monday saw the best coverage of experts and television / live digital events

The RTS said Holding “perfectly captured the mood of the event and brought a personal perspective on a moment of great importance” when speaking about Black Lives Matter following the May 2020 assassination of George Floyd in Minnesota. p>

Holding and commentator colleagues Ebony Rainford-Brent, Nasser Hussain and Ian Ward covered the subject in a video and live broadcast ahead of the first test match between England and the West Indies in the weeks after Floyd’s death

The RTS judges described the program as “a remarkable piece of television – editorially excellent and technically exceptional”

The award for sports presenter, commentator or pundit goes to commentator Michael Holding from @SkySports’ England v West Indies, who “perfectly captured the mood of the event and brought a personal perspective to a moment of great importance” – congratulations ! #RTSAwards BildTwittercom / RNJhjVp6V3

Rob Webster, Sky Sports General Manager, said: “It’s a very proud night for all of us at Sky Sports to win two RTS Program Awards

“It’s been a challenging year Last year around this time we lost live sports due to the Covid-19 pandemic and our production teams have responded to ensure our customers continue to enjoy our award-winning content since the return of the Live sports to our channels last summer gave our teams amazing coverage against a backdrop of bio-safe bladders and social distancing measures.These awards are a tribute to their hard work and best efforts

“I would also like to pay a special tribute to Michael Holding, who has been featured in our cricket coverage over the years. Last year, alongside Ebony Rainford-Brent and Nasser Hussain, he spoke passionately about racism in society as he was to death Reacted by George Floyd in the US It was a moment that touched all of us Sky was at the forefront of discussions on racism, diversity and gender equality and it is something we will always be very passionate about “

The prize for the sports program goes to @SkySports & @ SkyCrickets 1 Test: Black Lives Matter England v West Indies program described by the judges as “a remarkable piece of television – editorially excellent and technically exceptional” #RTSAwards picTwittercom / v2o6h6ODMY

Sky Sports Director of Cricket Bryan Henderson added, “I’m so proud of the team that delivered this, and of course especially Mikey and Ebony

“What started as an emotional team meeting discussing a tough topic turned into a remarkable day, I hope the voice of Sky Cricket has done in a very small way to make the world fairer”

Another program on the subject of racism was awarded the Single Documentary Award with “Anton Ferdinand: Football, Racism and I” from BBC One

Sky Arts was also a winner for Sky, winning the Best Live Event Award for Day Three, which the RTS called “an amazing achievement that soaring in both its ambition and its first-class execution fast “was described

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