A list of the most surprising facts about the classic Roald Dahl film Matilda

Christmas is just around the corner and now is the best time to sit down and watch these great festive movies on Netflix

But one of the best movies that’s always on our screens at Christmas and actually on TV tonight is the adaptation of Roald Dahl’s book Matilda But did you know these 5 fun facts about the family movie?

One of the most famous scenes in the film features young Matilda using her powers to fly random objects around her living room while the song Little Bitty Pretty by Thurston Harris plays While Mara was filming this scene, she felt confident, dancing in front of a set full of people So director DeVito encouraged the production teams to join in and dance while they filmed Mara – and thus produce the cult scene

The actors who played Mr and Mrs Wormwood (Danny Devito and Rhea Perlman) were actually married in real life.The couple, who married in 1982, played Matilda’s negligent parents in the 1996 film, although the couple later split in 2017 , speak lovingly to each other and continue to be good friends

Mara Wilson was the 1990s child star, starring in such films as Mr Doubtfire and Christmas Classic: Miracle on 34th Street. While Mara Wilson’s mother starred in Matilda, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and died shortly after the film ended During that time, DeVito and his wife Perlman took care of Wilson so that their mother Suzie could attend hospital appointments, according to Wilson’s memoir, “Where Am I Now?” After her mother’s death, Wilson discovered that DeVito had visited her mother and showed her a rough draft of the film just before she died

Matilda star Mara Wilson also has some famous relatives with one of her cousins ​​being conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro Shapiro and Wilson have a notoriously frosty relationship due to their conflicting political views Wilson only did a barely veiled dig at Shapiro on Twitter last year

Growing up is great because you can choose which relatives to hang out with and which ones to remove from your life without regret 8th May 2019

Another famous scene from the film shows an unusual punishment for Miss Trunchbull for forcing a boy to gobble a giant cake as punishment for stealing a piece, unfortunately for Jimmy Karz, the Bruce Bogtrotter actor, he had one special aversion to chocolate cake A spittoon was provided on set so that he did not have to swallow the cake

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