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Being in the rut I can deal with really big existential crises like death or illness, but if no one calls me for two weeks to do something exciting for my career, I’m really depressed

I don’t think I’ve ever had a love for my life because I feel like I invest too much in it I love the man I’m with, he’s brilliant as hell But the idea that he’s the love of my life, stakes so high and something could happen to him I’m jealous of people who say that and can be so brave

However, when things don’t work out when I’m in high stress situations on TV or live radio I try to keep my full Mariah Carey moments to a minimum

Get up in my cot at the age of three and watch my father put on his army uniform and look in the mirror

I have no regrets because life is just a stream of decisions Sometimes I wish I had learned the piano or accepted this offer to sing in this band, but I decided to do other things instead

I would during the reign of Elizabeth I go and try to be at her court I think there were just a lot of hot men trying to court her

Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush, then I’d switch it to We Like To Party! by Vengaboys just to play with everyone’s head

A drunk driver hit me on a zebra crossing a few years ago and I was thrown in the air and landed on the sidewalk Witnesses said it was like watching a zombie movie because I was lying there a bit and myself then just put it on!

I’m taking a very long walk, listening to house music, and trying to get into the zone

I’m incredibly soft, fun, empathetic, and generous with my money. My worst part is that I’m a bit of a headgear. Any of my ex-boyfriends would agree!

Tom Parker Bowles because he’s almost royalty I suppose Or Reverend Kate Bottley from Gogglebox We send each other naughty WhatsApps She’s like my personal pastor – it’s amazing

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Woman tells how she chops an onion in seconds and is immediately referred to as a genius

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Grace Dent

World News – GB – MasterChef regular Grace Dent about life, love and what she does to relax