Many use the day as an opportunity to learn more about the life and achievements of Martin Luther King Jr to learn

In January of each year, on the Monday following his birthday on the 15th Closest to January 1st, people around the world celebrate the life and lasting legacy of Martin Luther King Jr

Martin Luther King Jr was born in 1929 and was a Baptist minister who pioneered the US civil rights movement and pressured the American government to outlaw racial segregation and discrimination

One of his first major roles in the movement came in 1955 when he led the Montgomery bus boycott after Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give her place to a white man on a bus

Martin Luther King Jr also believed very much in peaceful protest, inspired by Indian activist Mahatma Gandhi. His protests used nonviolent tactics even when the protesters themselves became violent by the police

In 1963 he helped organize the march in Washington, where he gave his “I Have a Dream” speech. Over 250000 people gathered in the country’s capital to hear the civil rights leader speak Since then, it’s been one of the most famous speeches in history

A year later, Martin Luther King Jr the Nobel Peace Prize

for his civil rights work

The activist was on 4 Assassinated by James Earl Ray in Memphis, Tennessee, April 1968, and news of his death followed by riots in the United States

Since his death, many have used the third Monday in January to learn more about his life and achievements

While Martin Luther King Jr authored a number of books, many historians and biographers have studied his life and influence, which means that there is now a range of literature for people who want to know more about the civil rights hero

From autobiographies to kid-friendly options, check out these titles if you want to learn more about the leader and his struggle for equality

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This book was written by Martin Luther King Jr himself written and describes the history of the civil rights movement It tells crucial moments that drove his nonviolent campaign for racial justice from prayer meetings to a phenomenon that “shook the richest and most powerful nation to its very foundations”

The book pays special attention to the 1963 campaign in Birmingham and describes this year as a defining moment

To The Promised Land goes beyond the belief that Martin Luther King Jr is a pure advocate of racial equality by also examining his commitment to the poor and the working class as well as his demand for “nonviolent resistance” against all forms of oppression

The book explores the activist’s desire for a “moral revolution” which he hoped would replace self-seeking individualism with concern for the common good. It also prompts the reader to ponder what it would mean the vision of Martin Luther King Jr truly fulfilling and approaching what he called “the promised land” in our time

This autobiography was compiled from his own words and brings to life the thoughts of the man whose actions helped change the world

In 1985, the widow of Martin Luther King Jr, Coretta Scott King, Clayborne Carson, to edit her late husband’s papers Carson not only published numerous collections of King’s speeches, sermons, and drafts, but also compiled all of these works to deliver a fascinating first-person account of King’s life create

The book covers the civil rights leader’s work as a minister, goes into his family life, and also shares his views on some of the world’s greatest and most controversial figures, including John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Mahatma Gandhi and Richard Nixon

This book deals with the early life of Martin Luther King Jr – especially with the three years he spent at Crozer Theological Seminary in south Philadelphia for a Bachelor of Divinity Degree

The author Patrick Parr not only traces his growth as a preacher and speaker, but also gives an extensive account of the years of Martin Luther King Jr as a divinity student, having tracked down several of his classmates who share personal memories, and a white woman named Betty Moitz whom he briefly dabbled with

If you want to educate your child about the life of the civil rights activist, check out this addition to the Little People, Big Dreams series, featuring the work of Martin Luther King Jr makes it accessible to younger readers

The book takes care to be sensitive to issues such as racism and inequality without eliminating the struggles that Martin Luther King Jr faced during his struggle for justice there are beautiful illustrations and additional facts on the back, including a biographical timeline with historical photos and a detailed profile of the king’s life

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Many use the day as an opportunity to learn more about the life and achievements of Martin Luther King Jr to experience

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