Pep Guardiola expressed Everton’s reaction to the abandonment of the Premier League game with Manchester City

Pep Guardiola beat up Everton for reacting to their Premier League game with Manchester City being postponed and insisted that he called Carlo Ancelotti personally to inform him of the situation

A terse club statement from the Toffees shortly after the game was canceled four hours before the scheduled kick-off did not express concern or sympathy for anyone in City who had tested positive for Covid-19 and concluded by finding it to be the case would seek full disclosure of why the game was abandoned. Four days later, Ancelotti sent his best wishes to the City players through the club website

The City manager went into detail on Friday about how the situation was developing and why the decision was made by the Premier League when he pounded home that this wasn’t an isolated incident while the club was the style and tone of Had not commented on Everton’s testimony, Guardiola was extremely critical

“We had enough players to play Everton, we wanted to play Everton, we had the academy, but for the day of the game there were more cases and the virus was in our center,” he said

“We informed the Premier League, I called Carlo Ancelotti personally to explain the situation because we could play but when we were traveling with the coach and had more players – the day before we were all in contact – it was a big risk infecting not only us but also Everton players It’s not about what happened here in Manchester City, it’s about what happened around the world Unfortunately, people are dying all over the world Over 900 people have died in the UK in over two days The problem is still here

He added, “There are clubs that complain about this when it’s all about health, when a lot of people in the UK die every day and a lot of people are contaminated every day What can we say? The world is [whistles] “

Not only did Guardiola state that he had kept Everton’s manager updated, but also cited the fact that five key players were injured for the scheduled game

While Goodison may be disappointed that the game has been canceled, there is a greater chance the Toffees will be in better shape if the game is rearranged

But the joy was short-lived when a Covid-19 outbreak at the club resulted in the late Monday game against Everton at Goodison Park

After a string of positive cases among players and staff, it remains to be seen whether Sunday’s game at Chelsea and subsequent games will be affected, although no more positive tests were returned on Wednesday when first-team training at the CFA resumed became

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“We knew we were talking to the Premier League, like we did with Mikel and Arsenal before the first suspension, when he tested positive and we canceled the game. It was the same, we contacted the Premier League and I did personally called Carlo to announce the situation and I said we would see it with the Premier League

“We would have loved to have played Everton that day. Hopefully we go to Goodison Park when [Lucas] Digne, Richarlison, Allan, James [Rodriguez] can play and we can beat them all

“We would have loved to play this game but unfortunately I think the Premier League wisely decided, for the good of all, not to increase the cases as seven people were positive in two or three days”


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