A sense of self-awareness is by no means automatic – just ask Matthew McConaughey: In this episode of the Mindbodygreen podcast, we discuss how taking up your own intuition works – and while it’s easier for some than others, it certainly doesn’t come naturally Make no mistake about it: your confidence is a muscle and you need to use it purposefully to make it grow

That’s why the Oscar-winning actor, producer, and writer is the # 1 New York Times best seller, Greenlights, makes a habit of building self-esteem every day. Why? Well, those slow moments of introspection (he calls them “yellow lights”) are crucial: “Interruptions, moments of introspection, while we don’t usually want these, we usually find out we need them,” he tells me when you study Navigating those “yellow lights” can ultimately help you determine what is most important in life and what steps you need to take to achieve those goals – the definition of true success, if you will

All that needs to be said is a key to self-knowledge. Here, McConaughey shares four ways he practices it every day:

Of course, we don’t want to mention his raw, introspective diary entries (which are included in his new book) But in addition to these diaries, “I love making lists,” says McConaughey, not just to keep yourself organized throughout the work week (although that’s another benefit), but also to help yourself to what’s important in life to hold him accountable and keep him from the “autopilot”, as he says “I put little, funny things on there For example: Kiss your wife at lunchtime ‘”

In other words, he literally takes the time to intuition from meditation to prayer, blocking time on his schedule to play those confidence muscles, “I’m happiest when I noticed the weekly calendar was doing so great was “he adds

McConaughey speaks of prayer and is also quite spiritual – the connection to a higher force helps him reflect “I like church. There I have time to think about myself, my life and my loved ones,” he says. He doesn’t take every day part, but he likened the weekly ritual to a reset when he “needs to recharge and inventory” “

Of course the path to spirituality is different for everyone – for McConaughey it is church and religion; For you, it could be nature or some other feeling of trust in a higher power, simply leaning on this connection will keep you on the ground (a sense of spirituality even has mental health benefits)

“I try to take some time in the morning to check in with myself before signing up with the world,” he explains. He doesn’t check messages, social media, emails, or other distractions before leaving takes a moment to really sit with yourself “It’s valuable to be able to report in person and quietly, even if it takes five or ten minutes to walk out the door and say hello to the day,” McConaughey adds >

Sometimes you need a visual reminder to see the bigger picture. Here’s McConaughey’s trick when he’s having a particularly tough day: he pulls up Google Earth, zooms out in the galaxy, and takes a few moments to think about how huge the universe is compared to itself “[I] am a little spot on this spinning planet and this little time shift,” he notes

That doesn’t mean, of course, that your ailments don’t matter whichever emotions you find valid and valuable, and you shouldn’t minimize them! However, that sense of perspective can help you see what is most important in the big life plan – and how you should move forward. Take it from McConaughey: “[It] just eases my shoulders”

Boosting Self-Awareness doesn’t have to feel like a colossal endeavor In McConaughey’s experience, these smaller, everyday moments are usually the deepest. And just like any other skill, self-awareness takes practice When you consciously incorporate it into your daily life, as McConaughey does, it can be easier to traverse those “yellow lights” in the long run

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