Acclaimed filmmaker M Night Shyamalan has revealed the ultimate twist on the plot – that despite the actor’s famous anecdote, he and Matthew Perry actually stated differently

In 2016, Perry appeared on the Graham Norton Show, where he told a story about an amazing evening he originally spent with Shyamalan, the director of The Sixth Sense

The friends star stated that he believed he had an incredible time getting to know the filmmaker only to find out that he had actually hung out with another Indian who just looked like him

But five years later it emerged that Perry had two cases of false identities – as he did with Shyamalan when the night started

On the latest episode of the Graham Norton Show, Shyamalan broke down exactly what happened to Graham Norton via video chat

The split writer stated, “I put it together and I have an amateur answer to what happened”

“So we hung out and had fun and Matthew says,” Let’s go to another place “And I think,” I’m a little tired, I’ll be leaving here and you can go to the other place “

“In the meantime there is this kind of fan and he’s Indian too. And he’s a big fan, he stopped by a couple of times and wants to hang out with us’

From this point on, Shyamalan believes Perry “kept partying and this other Indian guy joined him”

Later, when the 17 Again actor’s boyfriend told him the person he was at the club with wasn’t who he thought they were, Shyamalan believes Perry made up his mind that we should be tonight actually had together

“All these years later I have to see him because we were hanging out, we had a great time and he was very funny,” concluded Shyamalan

Several YouTube users commented on the clip from the Graham Norton Show, noting that the story is worthy of one of Shyamalan’s jaw-dropping films

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