Redknapp has said she feels “lonely, anxious and unimportant”

in her marriage to ex-husband Jamie
The singer’s 19-year marriage ended shortly after she appeared on Strictly Come Dancing four years ago

In her new autobiography, “Youve Got This,” she said they were difficult behind the scenes even though they publicly looked like the perfect celebrity couple, one a pop star and the other a soccer player

She wrote: “For a long time I met all the criteria to be the“ picture-perfect ”woman. The truth? For much of that time, I actually felt lonely, scared, and unimportant ”

Louise added, “Looking back, I wish I had sat down and really tried to explain how hard I was struggling, how unimportant I felt in our lives together, and how depressed I felt

“I wish I had been honest and said I felt unloved. I never talked about how things were at home for a single soul”

The singer stated that she felt unfulfilled and alone as her husband’s career thrived first as a footballer and then as an expert

Her return to public life came in 2016 when she agreed to appear on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing and almost win the show, rekindling her passion for the performance

The 46-year-old star admitted she wanted to work on stage again in front of an audience but struggled with obsessive-compulsive disorder, self-doubt, depression, and feelings of “not being good enough”

She wrote, “When I was married, I honestly came on stage, when I walked into a room with Jamie, I felt like other people surprised that he picked me and was still with me”

Louise revealed that gruesome online comments about her appearance affected her self-esteem and made her feel “equal” in their relationship

The ex-eternal star married Jamie in 1998.They have sons Charley (16) and Beau (12) and divorced in 2018

The star admitted that she still regrets leaving their marriage and no longer trying to save the relationship

She wrote, “I should have stopped and thought about other people and had just a little more time to figure out why I felt like I couldn’t do it anymore”

“I wish I had tried. I want to say to anyone who thinks of running, just don’t slow down

“Because once you’ve run too fast, you can’t make up for lost ground”Stop saying what you need, say what you think, don’t be afraid to say what’s really going on. You don’t have to be quiet”

But the star admitted taking pride in regaining her career at Strictly after years out of the spotlight

“I had a feather in my crotch I was just like,” God, I’m fine, I look better, I feel better, I’m good at what I do, the audience is right for me, “said they

“I was very grateful. And for the first time in a long time I loved myself”

Louise Redknapp

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