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Louise Redknapp had turned down numerous offers for Strictly Come Dancing because she didn’t want to miss a single moment with her precious young sons

But in 2016, when Charley, 16) and Beau, 12 were preoccupied with their own lives, stage school alum decided the time was right to wipe their dance shoes

Together with professional partner Kevin Clifton, they delighted the judges and made their way to the final

But the show was more than just for Louise – it sparked her passion for performing and stage performances, and she realized she couldn’t come back to life as ‘Stepford Wife’

She and Jamie broke up shortly afterwards, and fans were quick to claim Louise and Kevin were the latest victims of the “Strictly Curse” claims, both of which have been denied

And in her new book, You’ve Got This, Louise reveals that Strictly is a far cry from the hotbed of lust that everyone perceives

The former Eternal Star buried secrets of the set and said that contrary to popular belief, the couples are rarely alone and leave little time for supposed “passionate dances and intimate, meaningful conversations”

She and Kevin had 90 percent of a cameraman, producer, and runner with them to shoot footage for spin-off shows and cutaways

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“Well no, there are not hours of sexy tango routines with just the two of you; far from it,” writes the mother of two

“I’ve always spent my rehearsals around at least three other people and felt a little sick and stressed because I thought I didn’t know what I was doing”

But it wasn’t just rumors about Kevin Louise struggled with – there was also gossip about her marriage to Jamie, with her presence on the show only sparking interest

“Would I have done this show again if I had the chance? No, it all felt like a circus,” she continued

“As much as I appreciated everything that arose from the opportunity, the bad probably outweighs the good – but of course that’s easy to see in retrospect”

While Strictly turned the problems in their marriage on their head, Louise also reveals in her book that she had struggled privately for years

Her self-confidence was lower than ever, and in addition to the anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder that had plagued her since forever, Louise also began to suffer from depression

When one of her beloved dogs died on a family vacation, she hid her grief so as not to “ruin” Jamie and the kids, but sobbed heartbreakingly “hysterically” in the shower where no one could hear or cry “uncontrollably” in their car

She explains, “It felt like I was crying over something much bigger, even though I didn’t know what it was I could never put a finger on it, I just felt so horrible and dejected when I look back now, I think I was pretty depressed and I can tell that the fear was really starting to take over “

Louise eventually called her doctor who was prescribing antidepressants, but she only felt worse and she threw them away

She was diagnosed with stress-related shingles twice over the next two years, but she continued to deny her true feelings

Only after the divorce did she seek the help of a psychiatrist and later a spiritualist who helped her address her feelings directly

* You have this and other things that I wish I knew are now available in major bookstores

Louise Redknapp

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