It looks like the UK is moving to the highest Covid-19 threat level for the first time

London and the rest of the country will be locked again, the Prime Minister is expected to announce

The UK Covid-19 threat level will be increased to five, BBC sources told, at what point the lockdown will begin

The threat level differs from the tier system. So while we are not entering Tier 5, the country is brought to the highest threat level together for the first time, as reports suggest

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Laura Kuenssberg, Political Editor for the BBC, left just hours before the Prime Minister on Monday (Jan. January) will speak in front of Twitter at 8 p.m. on Twitter, saying, “The JBC level, which has been raised to Level 5, has never happened before is the biggest indication that the Prime Minister is ready to launch a March-like national To bring about blocking again The public is urged to stay home after midnight to change the law as soon as possible, and MPs are likely to vote on Weds afterwards “

In order for the country to be able to reach this level of threat, there must be a “material risk that health services will be overwhelmed”

And that certainly seems to be the case, especially here in London, where the chaos continues in hospitals across the city, oxygen is rationed, patients are treated in corridors and NHS staff across the capital are under extraordinary pressure

Primary school students returned on Monday (4th Jan) not back as planned after government turnaround But thousands in other regions have been encouraged as Prime Minister Boris Johnson continues to ensure concerned teachers, parents and students are safe

Secondary school students are expected to return on a staggered basis for the first three weeks of January, but this could change if another national lockdown is announced, due in part to a state-wide stay at home law

Laura Kuenssberg

World News – UK – London prepares for national lockdown as Britain moves to highest threat level of Covid-19