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The government has announced that the lockdown on Jan. December will end in England, but people have been wondering when exactly it will end

Starting today, England is switching to a tiered system, with the Liverpool City Region entering tier 2

With the government saying the lockdown ends today, there has been some confusion as to whether that means it will end at midnight or whether today is the last day of restrictions that businesses will reopen tomorrow

We can confirm that the lockdown has now ended, so seats can open again today. The government website states: “The new rules will be effective from the beginning of Wednesday 2nd December, come into force “

Of course, the reopening of unnecessary stores, pubs, restaurants, gyms, salons, and other businesses is subject to the tiered system that means it will be different across the country depending on where you live

Liverpool has been ranked Tier 2, which means restaurants, salons, cinemas, theaters and more can reopen from today

In tier 2 pubs and bars can reopen as long as they function as restaurants. Alcohol can only be served with “large meals”, so going out for a drink is not an option

The table service must be provided by companies that sell food and drinks The last orders are made at 2200:00 and closing time at 2300 o’clock

Snack bars can continue beyond 10 p.m. as long as this is done by delivery, drive through or click and pick up

Businesses such as casinos, cinemas, theaters, bingo halls, and bowling alleys must also close until 11:00 PM, but can stay open to complete shows that started before 10:00 PM

End of Lockdown

World News – UK – End date for Lockdown 2 confirmed as England joins Tier system