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DAVID MARTINDALE has commended the Scottish Federation for proving itself to be an “open-minded and modern employer” after being rated “fit and appropriate” to run Livingston

Martindale was rated “fit and right” today to resume his role as Livi boss following a hearing on Zoom He was facing the hearing due to his criminal past but the Board of Directors confirmed that Martindale met the requirements needed to to take on his role full time

NEWS | We can confirm that following a meeting between a subcommittee of the Professional Game Board, David Martindale and representatives of Livingston FC, representations have been accepted that Mr. Martindale is an appropriate personhttps: // tco / T8iOi17JdE

Martindale has had a notable run on his side since taking office at West Lothian He is unbeaten in all eleven responsible games and has secured a place in the Betfred Cup final

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On the club’s website, Martindale said, “After today’s decision, I felt a fervent desire to keep a record and thank every single person who assisted me in today’s hearing

“The support has been absolutely incredible and shows you the power of football and the message the SFA has sent to society by continuing to be Livingston FC’s first team manager. I fully understand how difficult the pandemic is for most people going and thinking that so many of you have tried to support me as a fit and right person is very humbling

“Football fans from all teams across the board have shown how the game can unite / bring us all together in times of need. It’s an incredibly powerful sport when we come together. I owe so much to those who have extremely positive opinions on social media and it was an extremely humbling experience. The petition launched by the fans and the media has been fantastic support and I am very grateful for that

“There have been some high profile names who put their heads over the parapet when they ultimately didn’t have to. Hannah Bardell MP, Angela Constance MSP and Professor Phil Scraton gave tremendous support to my case of being a recognized and right person I can you really not thanking enough

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“The SFA has proven to be an open minded and modern employer who really welcomes inclusion for everyone I think they deserve kudos for accepting me as a healthy and right person I think this will be a strong message Send to society and not just to the football world. You have allowed me to continue my professional football career and for that I am truly grateful

🆕 | A word from the manager
🗣 “After today’s decision, I had a burning desire to thank every single person who supported me in today’s hearing”
🔗 https: // tco / EsLq2FiVOF BildTwittercom / SzN2VNzKTJ

“It goes without saying that without the support of every past and present director and owner I would not be the Livingston manager. These guys deserve great credit for giving me this opportunity over the past 7 seasons. who would have taken this risk 7 years ago In particular, a big thank you to Robert Wilson and John Ward for all their help from day one Finally, a big thank you to ABW Consultants for helping me handle the complexity of this hearing

“I think today shows that if given the opportunity, there will be opportunities open to a large segment of society that may have previously felt written off. There are opportunities and you can change your life because there are employers that you can see as positive ”

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David Martindale

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