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Further changes to the English tier system have been announced The Liverpool City area will open on Thursday, December 31st December to enter Tier 3 at one minute past midnight

– Mixing in the household is not permitted indoors or outdoors, except in parks and public gardens
– All hospitality is closed, with the exception of takeaways and deliveries
– All accommodation and entertainment venues are closed

“Getting included in Tier 3 today is something none of us wanted, but I hope these new measures will help slow and contain the spread of the virus quickly. We will of course continue to do everything we can to help Slow down the spread of the virus and save lives and livelihoods

“These restrictions will have a significant impact on the local economy, and I know many people will now worry about what this means for them. I promise that we will again do everything we can to support local businesses and…” Protect jobs In addition, however, it is important that the government also strengthen areas at higher levels and provide financial support. We need government support to support the people until the economy can open again

“We have noticed over the past ten months that restrictions can only suppress the virus for a limited period of time. This is why I have asked ministers to come up with plans to accelerate the introduction of the vaccine quickly so that we can get it done as soon as possible To be able to return to some sort of normal for good, I hope, given today’s announcements, they will now

“While we wait for the vaccine, the best you can do now is do what the vast majority of people have done so brilliantly during this crisis: follow the rules – and protect one another

“I know after all the hard work and sacrifice that people get tired after 10 months, but our togetherness has undoubtedly saved lives and livelihoods – and saved our NHS from being overwhelmed. We are facing difficult weeks again, maybe even months , but together I know we can do it ”

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