Portsmouth has been located since the 2nd December in stage two, but will now be postponed to stage three together with Gosport and Havant

In the seven days until the 12th By December, Portsmouth had an infection rate of 2,127 cases per 100000 people with 457 new cases confirmed during that time

This was higher than rates in a number of Tier 3 areas, including Birmingham, which had a rate of 2084 and Manchester, where the rate was 1735

Last night, Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Chairman of Portsmouth City Council, it is “50/50” whether the city will move to level three

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The owner of South Parade Pier said bringing Portsmouth to the third stage was “absolute madness”

Tommy Ware Jnr, owner of the Southsea attraction, told The News, “It’s going to affect everyone, it’s a ridiculous decision to be made at this point

Neighbors who live a few feet apart will be on different levels when new rules come into effect

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has moved Portsmouth, Havant and Gosport from 12 to level three, and at 1:00 a.m. on Saturday, cases continue to rise and pressure on Queen Alexandra Hospital is mounting

The measures are determined according to municipal areas, which means that neighbors at the borders of the areas have different restrictions

What does this mean for travel – when you have to switch between work areas?

The decision that Portsmouth, Gosport and Havant will face stricter coronavirus restrictions – but not the rest of Hampshire – has been labeled “bizarre” by a senior politician

Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced that all three areas will be moved to the third stage at 12 noon, Saturday at 1 a.m.

This means you can’t meet anyone outside of your support bubble indoors – although you can meet in groups of six in public places outdoors

Portsmouth City Council chairman Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson says getting into the third tier is critical to easing pressure on Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham and wants to know why these other areas aren’t were taken into account

Health chiefs have urged residents to comply with the new Tier 3 rules after the number of Covid-19 patients who need “very intensive” support in the hospital has risen

Dr John Knighton, medical director of the NHS Trust at Portsmouth Hospitals University, told The News that Queen Alexandra Hospital has been under “increasing pressure” over the past few weeks as the number of Covid-19 patients increases

Data shows the number of beds at Portsmouth Hospitals University’s NHS Trust that are occupied by people who tested positive for Covid-19 has increased by 5051 percent in the past four weeks – 28 days ago it was 99

Starting Saturday, read here what you can and can’t do in Portsmouth and Tier 3 areas

David Moore, director of Abar restaurant in Southsea, Portsmouth, which has three other cafes / restaurants in town, said entry into Tier 3 gives its firm clarity as it doesn’t cover many overheads like wages of 110 need employees, most of whom will be on vacation

He said, “If I’m being honest it’s a sense of relief, we will lose less money when we close Tier 2 was unbearable for individual households, no drinkers without essential meals, we consumed a quarter of what we normally should have thrown away, we threw away 40 kg of mussels last weekend

“When we’re closed, we know exactly how much we’re going to lose because openness is a flexible animal If they take us back to Tier 2, I’m not sure we would reopen as it is not worth coming out of our recent experiences ”

Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Liberal Democrat chairman of Portsmouth City Council, said the decision to put the city of Hampshire in Tier 3 was “bizarre” when other agencies requiring care from the city’s Queen Alexandra Hospital were had not been moved up

He said other local authorities like Fareham and Winchester City are within a mile and a half of the hospital

He said, “It’s not unexpected, but I was a bit surprised when we were told that the problem is with Queen Alexandra Hospital, which not only serves Portsmouth but only a third of its admission from Portsmouth and two thirds from Portsmouth others in the area including areas within a mile

“The government’s ability to get things right doesn’t seem great, but the government has made a number of bizarre decisions so it’s no surprise they made another”

Under the third tier restrictions, pubs and other businesses in Portsmouth, Gosport and Havant must close from Saturday

Portsmouth Tier 3

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