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Known for his rock and roll antics and attitude, Liam Gallagher may need to take better care of his health as he enters middle age. It wasn’t until last year that the star revealed he had arthritis in the hip has

Divorced twice and father of four, Liam conducted an open interview with Q Magazine

in June 2019

There he stated that he had arthritis in his hip – a painful inflammatory disease

Dad to Molly (22), Lennon (21), Gene (19) and Gemma (seven), Liam is still interested in maintaining his rock’n’roll image

“He gets the needles and drives them in. He sorts it, but it keeps coming back. Acupuncture is fine, at least the needles”

Arthritis Action said approximately “10 million people” have some kind of arthritis

The term arthritis refers to “inflammation in the joints” and can refer to several different types of the disease

The most common form of arthritis, for example, is osteoarthritis This is followed by rheumatoid arthritis

Another charity, Versus Arthritis, said, “It is common to have pain in your muscles and joints from time to time

This can make it difficult to identify the warning signs of arthritis, but the charity is making it clear how to spot the disease early

“If you have any swelling or stiffness that you cannot explain and that won’t go away in a few days, or if it becomes painful to touch your joints, you should see a doctor,” it advised

Be aware that “some discomfort and pain” can be expected when exercising, but should “calm down a few minutes after you finish”

“It’s important not to overdo it,” added the charity, “The key is to start gently and gradually increase the amount you do”

Physical activity also helps you maintain (or achieve) a healthy weight, which can reduce pressure on your joints

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