Leeds is back at it, Klich brings it forward and eyes the defender before he walks the other way. Alioski crosses hard and deep but can’t find Bamford free. That would have been three if he did would have found him

There are three chances for Pascal Struijk! Another dead ball in the box, this one corner from the left, he got away from his husband again – he certainly gets the first bit right – but he can’t direct his effort to get this boy on head exercises and he’s a 20 pro Season man!

Ayling was having a good time on the right Has anyone seen Eze? He is supposed to play on the left, but has preferred a little break in the middle of the field

Raphinha the orchestrator again, he frees Ayling at the bottom right. Ordinary cross, Bamford stands up for the header, but can’t get power on it

Palace tries to get out of the press, but Scott Dann just brought it forward without care and attention. Phillips steps in to win, starts the counterattack, Klich plays the ball and the great Raphinha drives forward into the box to shoot The goalkeeper stops the first, but Bamford follows the man, and his reward for his efforts is simply tapping an empty net

Similar to CPFC, they are at the forefront, this is their best saying

Good moment for Palace who are playing better after this change and have played through the Leeds press here. Ayew gets his shot off, attacked A better first touch from Ayew might have opened up more opportunities there

This personnel and formal change (sorry Jamie!) is supposed to bring Townsend for Van Arnholt and Eze to the other side

Leeds is at the very top and they will feel like they should have wrapped up the Palace second best, second best You will think about how lucky you are to still be there and this Leeds team always gives you a chance / p>

A few misses from Struijk, one of them an absolute Davros Dowie with a misdirected header from five meters, Raphinha the best player on the Palast pitch are nothing without Wilf

Another curiosity is that I’ve seen five or six players sliding around on the grass. It was recently relaid

Raphinha cuts it, beautiful vision Bamford fails to control this in a noncommittal manner He was clean through I think he thought he was offside I’m not sure if he actually was Well, play now no matter

Ball played through to Jordan Ayew, he got away from Phillips. Ayling is in close presence and Ayew seems to have gone down cheaply there. No foul

The ball is returned to the unplayed area. Free header for Struijk at close range How did he miss that! Oh, that’s a shock To the point that it’s barely a kick off Proper 50p headgear

Despite the slip, it becomes a good move by Leeds, which Raphinia – who sees a cut above – controls and keeps away from Cahill Shoots and gets a corner Cahill got a lesson time

A center-back from Leeds who thinks it was Struijk pumps him forward and slips around if one of these guys turns a knee or something

Oh it should have been two Leeds got a free kick from about where a short corner in hockey would be right Played in and Milivojevic, who has a stinker, lost his manStruijk with a strong run and he hits the free header but can not steer it

Ayew manages to stay upright long enough to dibble from a distance, but the goalkeeper did that all the way

Decent spell for Palace Patrick VA sprays it far, Mitchell plays it in and Ayew went over the top again on the lawn of Elland Road Oh dear

Leeds with the whole ball on Mon moving well always seems to have an option

Guaita comes out of his gate and slips on his keyster. Fortunately, dear old Patsy Clyne was there to knock it off

Very poor of Milivojevic giving it away cheap Bamford breaks it’s two on two but he opts for some kind of early hit chip shot where he goes all wrong and ends it up for miles

Palace has a chance to toss a dead ball into the Leeds box and they position their big boys accordingly

Leeds is playing really well here and it’s a similar move to the other Bamford Cross header coming from the left and there’s Patrick B. He has good movement and a solid header. Can’t quite steer it on this occasion. He moved, Cahill was absolutely still

Is that going to be a thing? A nice train for Leeds as they cross from the left Bamford crosses Cahill and hits the target Well rescued Bammers goes for the follow up and slides over !!

Leeds Square, which Sky commentator recently announced for $ 300000 at Spurs has been the subject of some discussion lately, with others finding it a bit slippery. Klich has just slipped over it and appears to have injured his hip

Leeds have scored 8 goals in the first 15 minutes of their league games – only Spurs with nine were hotter starters

It’s a move from Leeds down right, Dallas plays it for Harrison who controls it and has a bath It takes a big distraction and the goalkeeper has no chance

I’m sorry to report the new man, Mateta, gave the ball away. Leeds started this game at 90mph and Palace was still idling in the locker room

Leeds: Meslier, Ayling, Struijk, Cooper, Alioski, Phillips, Raphinha, Klich, Dallas, Harrison, BamfordSubs: Roberts, Casilla, Helder Costa, Davis, Cresswell, Shackleton, Jenkins, Huggins, Gelhardt

Crystal Palace: Guaita, Clyne, Dann, Cahill, van Aanholt, Ayew, Milivojevic, Riedewald, Mitchell, Mateta, EzeSubs: Butland, Kouyate, Townsend, Benteke, Batshuayi, Kelly

looks a bit cold Some Leeds players have gloves on Billy Bremner has to turn around in his grave

Played in PL 18 since January 2017, won two, defeated SIXTEEN 16! And they haven’t even scored a goal in 14 of those games

“No two matches are alike. We have to take care of their full-backs and they attack very well as a team”

“We know what we want to see of the first two Mateta is an unknown size as a Palace player, but I hope he combines well””

“Leeds never stop running and they have the ability to flood players forward because they seem to be able to flood them back as well, that’s a quality without a doubt”

“He knew about Leeds’ reputation it was part of its charm and appeal when the San Francisco 49ers began looking for an English football club to invest in, even though the American who just got the 49ers stake in the Yorkshire club from Jan. to 37 percent – at an estimated price of £ 50 million – not only shopped into the club, he shopped into a little more than that “

Paraag Marathe Exclusive Interview: “It’s good that people hate Leeds, it means we’re always being talked about ‘

then a battle of styles, the defensive 442 with a focus on a low block, organization, and then quick, jumping counterattacks. But so much of Palace’s good direct play involves Wilf Zaha, and it can’t be overlooked that he’s a massive one Loss is

Palace made two changes to the team that started at Newcastle (they won 2-1) Zaha was injured and Michy Batshuayi fell on the bench

Jean-Philippe Mateta and Tyrick Mitchell come to the XI This is a debut for Mateta, who is on loan from Mainz

Jamie Carragher notes that this is a real contrast of styles Leeds sprint more than anyone, they cover more ground than any other team in the League Palace is at the bottom of these stats, they are a side that likes to be takes off

Leeds: Meslier, Ayling, Struijk, Cooper, Alioski, Phillips, Raphinha, Klich, Dallas, Harrison, Bamford Subs: Roberts, Casilla, Helder Costa, Davis, Cresswell, Shackleton, Jenkins, Huggins, Gelhardt

Crystal Palace: Guaita, Clyne, Dann, Cahill, van Aanholt, Ayew, Milivojevic, Riedewald, Mitchell, Mateta, Eze Subs: Butland, Kouyate, Townsend, Benteke, Batshuayi, Kelly

On Monday night, Football on Sky, I strongly suspect this could be one of the editions of this program that has the main focus on a couple of red and a blue Lancs team rather than anything White Rose-y

and welcome to our live blog from Leeds United v Crystal Palace starting at 8pm UK time Cool Tonight in Yorkshire! Freezing temperatures, moderate breezes and it’s not an evening for wimps We’ll see what brave men and true Mr. Bielsa and Mr Hodgson decided to fight about an hour in advance at 7:00 p.m.

Both teams have 29 points and Leeds 11th has less than Palace than 13 The hosts have had mixed results: they lost last game at home to Everton and were knocked out of the FA Cup by Crawley last month, beaten at Tottenham and beaten by Brighton – but on the other hand they went to Newcastle and won and beat Leicester away too, their all-action style definitely seems to make up for entertaining fixtures, although it’s hard to get consistent results, even though being a Leeds fan feels like a good time

“The most important thing is how we play so we can finish where (we end up) in the table,” said Bielsa. “If you don’t play well in eighth, that’s worse for me than twelfth and good to play “

I think he probably has a lot of wiggle room because most Leeds fans are so relieved to be back on top that they would survive PL and then move on from next season when they are back in the ground? That would be my opinion anyway I don’t see them as 8 FWIW, so you might as well have a good time and turn 14 Occupy place instead of 10 To achieve space at least for a season or so

As for Palace, they won their last two, and they needed those victories too.Things started to bother Croydon a little with their form.Roy Hodgson continues to do a good job there, one wonders where this is all going up to Goes to some extent, but staying in the league is certainly a price worth paying for. Much continues to depend on Wilf Zaha – and he will miss this game due to injury after playing an Achilles tendon against Newcastle

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Leeds United v Crystal Palace

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