Sanditon could return for the second series, according to Lady Frederick Windsor, AKA Sophie Winkleman

The actress and queen, who is married to Lord Frederick Windsor, appeared on the Lorraine episode Monday when she hinted that a second series has been confirmed

After discussing the Peep Show star’s recent home school campaign, Lorraine said, “It’s a fantastic idea, I know things are on hold regarding your career too, but I know you are will be”in Sanditon, and there are a lot of things I want to talk to you about [on the show]”

Sophie, who plays the role of Lady Susan, replied shyly: “I am not allowed to say officially!”

Fans will no doubt be overjoyed after the ITV drama, which also starred Charlotte Heyward and Theo James, was initially canceled after the first series premiered in 2019

In late 2019, a spokesman for the show said in a statement to the Radio Times: “We loved Sanditon and were very proud to have it on ITV

“We would have loved to go back, but unfortunately we didn’t get the audience to allow us to do this, which is heartbreaking for everyone involved in this wonderful adaptation. Sanditon hasn’t aired in the US, and we have hope they find a way to continue this series “

However, the following year, Amazon Prime teased that they might be the giants behind the renewal, tweeted to fans, “#SaveSanditon Squad, we’re listening to you and doing what we can. Please retweet this to let us know, how many of you are there so that we can work for a new season?S. Do not use multiple accounts or we will get in trouble “

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Lady Sophie Windsor

World News – GB – Lady Frederick Windsor hints at Sanditon’s return: “I am not allowed to say officially” about Lorraine