The singer went on to become a West End star and her husband Justin Scott revealed the news of the latest addition to the family.They have two sons, Bobby, four, and Cole, two

Kimberley has admitted that her boys are so excited about the news that they are in age 15 Week of pregnancy is pregnant and just want to take care of her

“They really are,” she said to OK! Magazine “Bobby has never been so worried and always said, ‘I love my family the way they are and I don’t want anyone anymore’

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“But as soon as he found out, he was so excited. He asks me 100 times a day:” Are you okay? And is the baby okay? We still have a long way to go!

“For the family it was a bit bright in the distance and something to look at and look forward to and plan”

Kimberley also announced that she has already shared the news with some of her colleagues at Girls Aloud

“I told Cheryl and Nicola [Roberts] because I saw them, but I have to tell Nadine [Coyle] and Sarah [Harding] I didn’t really want to tell them about text

“We were hoping we would all meet up with Sarah before Christmas, but with limitations it was so difficult. If I don’t see her before then I’ll give her a call”

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Kimberley Walsh

World News – UK – Kimberley Walsh announces that she is pregnant with her third child