Kerry Katona says she feels guilty for the death of her aunt Angela, who died of alcohol addiction

Open up about the tragic loss in your new one! In a magazine column, she admitted, “There’s a sense of guilt that makes me feel like I could have done more to help her”

“I think we all feel that as a family. She left three beautiful, amazing kids”

The 40-year-old TV star told her Instagram followers in a previous post that her aunt tried to overcome her addiction and sober up before her tragic death

Katona revealed her special bond with her late aunt: “My beautiful aunt Angela sadly passed away and we are all heartbroken Angela was more like my sister – I was an only child and grew up with my nanny Betty, and me and Ang shared a bedroom “

“She was the funniest, most loving person – she was the life and soul of the party. She would do anything for anyone”

“And she was such a clean freak! When she lived with me, she must have reorganized my wardrobe about a million times”

She paid tribute on Instagram and shared a series of pictures of herself hugging her aunt at the seaside and at home

A picture showed a baby-faced Katona and Angela together after she won that I’m a celebrity Get me out of here

“We’re all absolutely broken! Oh Ang, I really wish I could rewind and tell you how much I love you and I always wanted to be you when I was little I should have done more!”

The news comes close to Katona, who overcame her own struggle against addiction 10 years ago and unfortunately lost her ex-husband George Kay, the father of her daughter Dylan-Jorge ‘DJ’, in 2019 due to a suspected drug overdose

In the early 90s, Katonas quit cocaine addiction, marital problems, and the loss of her 250000 pound Iceland deals thinking about ending their own lives

But after years of substance abuse, she decided to change her life when she checked into a fitness bootcamp with her mom before going to rehab in Arizona a decade ago

Emmanuel Macron has announced tough new month-long measures, including closing schools for three weeks, and has given up efforts to keep France out of a third coronavirus lockdown, the French president had requests from his scientific advisors to close the country in January , ignored, but the spread of the contagious British variant and the increasing number of infections forced him to turn around. “We will lose control if we don’t move now,” he said in a televised address. Unnecessary stores are being closed and trips of more than 10km from home is prohibited unless there is a good reason to travel between French regions from the age of 5 April banned People have to work from home when they can and a 7pm curfew remains as Mr Macron has extended measures across the country in some French regions Being able to pursue the fight against the coronavirus without ordering people to stay home and keep the economy as open as possible In February it was revealed that Mr Macron’s gambling had paid off with cases that flattened under curfew, but had shops and schools open.He was forced to act after the daily coronavirus cases hit around 40000 had doubled and hospitals in sources of infection like Paris were flooded, 44 percent of people in intensive care with Covid were under 65, he said

The event is one of the few official engagements the monarch participated in outside the walls of Windsor Castle during the pandemic

Kate didn’t announce her visit to the vigil in advance when she planted flowers on the bandstand in Clapham

A new alleged victim of Jeffrey Epstein has alleged she was repeatedly raped by the financier and Ghislaine Maxwell in front of her son and threatened to be “thrown to the alligators” if she spoke out at the allegations last week Some of the recent abuse allegations against Ms. Maxwell and her former boyfriend, the woman, who used a Jane Doe pseudonym to protect her identity, accused the couple in the U.S. District Court of the Southern Florida District against Epstein’s estate Civil Lawsuit of Rape, Sex Trafficking, Sexual Abuse, Assault, Bodily Mutilation, Emotional Stress, Blackmail, Intimidation, Fraud, Deception and Misrepresentation The new claims come as Ms. Maxwell from two more charges was hit by prosecutors in New York when they broke the scope of their investigation against the br Itic socialist Enlarged Ms. Maxwell, 59, has denied the criminal complaint, neither did her attorney Laura Menninger respond to a request for comment on the recent Doe allegations for lawyers on Epstein’s estate
Former European Union Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said on Wednesday the reality of the UK’s decision to leave the bloc is only being felt now, years after the UK referendum on membership in 2016 listing the changes, which Brexit has brought since January 1, when Britain ended a transition from the bloc, Barnier said trade barriers, citizen movement restrictions and work visas are inevitable “For many people, the real consequences of the referendum are only now emerging,” Barnier said via video link from Paris to an event in Switzerland

The Commission claimed there was “repeated use and misapplication of the term” racism “to explain any inequality observed” and said “more precise language” was needed

Myanmar’s neighbors may have shied away from resolutely addressing the country’s post-military coup crisis, but they cannot prevent it from nearing their own borders with reports that both Thailand and India have tried to protect refugees from air strikes and military brutality to fend off – only to return under pressure – show that the coup of Jan. February is already making international waves and the conflict, with growing signs of impending civil war, has the potential to destabilize the region.As the killing of pro-democracy protesters increases, around a dozen armed ethnic groups who have historically rioted in their struggle for more autonomy in remote states led against the junta, condemned the coup and vowed to support the resistance movement On Tuesday, the Three Brotherhood Alliance, a coalition of three guerrilla outfits including the powerful Arakan army in western Rakhine state, said they would join the protesters, what they termed the “Spring Revolution” if the military persists in killing and calls to honor restore democracy

Scientists have recommended continuing to wear face covering to stop the spread of the coronavirus

There are some very bizarre laws in the UK law books Can you tell whether or not you are breaking the law?

Covid should have been a blessing for Deliveroo – but it still hasn’t brought any profit The company goes public, but it’s only around until grocery delivery apps can survive for convenience alone ‘This week Deliveroo will go public with its initial public offering. The company is hoping to have a valuation of around 8 billion A Deliveroo driver is cycling through central London Photo: Daniel Leal-Olivas / AFP / Getty Images

China on Wednesday diverted questions about an investigation into the origins of Covid-19 after the WHO chief revived a theory that may have leaked from a Chinese laboratory and the US raised concerns about data access >

Interview with the undefeated super middleweight Zach Parker, who won the super fight between Canelo Alvarez and Billy Joe Saunders on Aug. May targets Parker from Derby is the number one contender for the WBO title of Saunders, one of three belts at stake in Texas

Scotland spends 30 percent more per person than England China has given world trade a bad name, says Liz Truss Cameron’s lobbyist friend “in view of its own business cards on Downing Street,” Brussels is trying to freeze Britain from quantum and space projects Coronavirus Latest News: Government “100pc Confident” In AstraZeneca Vaccine As Germany Comes Back Sir Keir Starmer said he was “disappointed” with a report on racial inequality and said he was “reluctant” to admit problems to the Racial and Ethnic Commission Difference, launched by Boris Johnson after protests against Black Lives Matter last summer, said there was no evidence of institutional racism in the UK and the country was a “beacon for other white majority countries” During a visit to Leeds, the Labor leader said: “I am disappointed on the one hand it recognizes the problems, problems and challenges faced by many black and ethnic minorities” on the other hand there is a reluctance to accept that this is structural “Frontbencher colleague Lisa Nandy said the government should not “downplay” racism on the back of the report but “try to adopt it and deal with it” Robert Jenrick, the community secretary, defended the report, telling Sky News: “I doubt they [report authors] are complacent about what needs to be done now – the government certainly isn’t”” We want to live in a country that is really racial and where everyone has the chance to be successful in life “

The vaccine was used in a study with 2260 people aged 12 to 15 years tested in the US

An Italian investigator has found that a struggling businessman who was planning to fake his own kidnapping on the border between Turkey and Syria was in fact kidnapped and spent three years as a prisoner of a jihadist group, Alessandro Sandrini was found by the gang that created the Fraud, said that they would fake his kidnapping and install him in a luxury mansion where he “would have everything he needed – women, alcohol and drugs. The gang, consisting of an Italian, two Albanians and a colorful collection so far unidentified Turks, Moroccans and Egyptians, hoped to receive millions in ransom from the Italian government Italy has always refused to pay kidnappers for the release of prisoners, but it is widely believed that from time to time the authorities pay ransom to But the highly dangerous gambling stuttered and after Sandrini in October 2016 d he had reached the city of Adana on the Turkish side, he was sold by the gang to an extremist Islamist group active in Syria, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham. His kidnappers later released a grimly familiar picture of him in orange overalls on his knees, flanked by two jihadists with black balaclavas and automatic weapons.He was finally released in May 2019 on suspicion that the Italian government paid for his release.He was accused this week of simulating a crime and committed fraud after investigators doubted it had expressed the portrayal of his alleged kidnapping

According to Emer Cooke, Executive Director of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), there is “no evidence” to limit the use of the Oxford / AstraZenecaCovid-19 vaccine in a population. The EMA reiterated that the benefits of the vaccine carry the risks predominate, but cautioned that people should be aware of the “distant possibility” of rare blood clots and see a doctor immediately if symptoms occur. “A causal link to the vaccine has not been established, but possible, and further analysis continues “said the watchdog

A dozen countries could be safely opened to British vacationers under a traffic light system by June, as an analysis of vaccination and Covid rates shows as Boris Johnson prepares to set the framework for resuming international travel from Jan. To unveil May 17, only a handful of European countries will have a sufficiently low risk to survive by the earliest date of May 17 May allow quarantine-free vacations for resumption of flights abroad Analysis Travelers returning from such “green list” countries will likely still have to pay for cross-flow tests to go on vacation, but will have to escape quarantine as part of plans These include the traditional holiday destinations of Malta, Gibraltar, Portugal and Israel, which are expected to be completed by April 17 May have vaccinated at least half of their adult populations, maintain low covid and variant rates, and have extensive testing.Three other popular destinations – Spain, Greece and Turkey – would be on a suspected “amber list” likely to expect travelers within 72 hours after the return a test before departure, at least one test on arrival and at least one test on arrival have three days of quarantine

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