Former glamor model Katie Price has confirmed that her 18-year-old son Harvey has been discharged from the hospital and’ all the best ‘after his fear

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Katie Price has confirmed that her son Harvey returned from the hospital last night after flying to A&E

The former glamor girl, 42, took the 18-year-old to an accident and emergency room after he had a high temperature after his vaccination with coronavirus

Katie revealed that Harvey is now “safe and sound” and the reaction was nothing to worry about

However, she must take extra precautions with her son because of his complex medical conditions and the medications he is taking

Katie posted a video on her Instagram page of sitting with Harvey and wrote, “Thank you for all of your kind messages and best wishes to Harvey, he’s safe and sound at home”

In the clip, she asked Harvey about his trip to the hospital and the teen said he had to go in because “I wasn’t feeling right”

She went on to reveal that Harvey has returned to his normal self and even asked for a special dinner early in the morning

The TV star said: “What did you ask this morning at 4 o’clock? Chicken Kiev and French fries This morning at 4 o’clock”

Then she explained why she was taking Harvey to the hospital and said, “So Harvey is all good

“Because of Harvey’s complex needs and complex medication, he had Covid [jab], the Oxford [one], and only had one reaction

“The reaction was a very, very high temperature, 399 and of course I really have to keep an eye on myself with Harvey and couldn’t bring his temperature down

“I called Great Ormond Street [Children’s Hospital] and they told me to go to the nearest A&E, so we did that

“They did all your blood, you had an x-ray, an EKG, everything was fine, they said it was just a reaction from Covid [the Covid rush]”

Some people who receive the vaccine experience minor side effects, but they are transient and mild

The most common side effects of the coronavirus, according to the NHS website, are fatigue, headache, aches, pains, or nausea

Katie spoke about his vaccination earlier this week and said she was delighted that Harvey had the sting

She said, “It felt strange to be in a schoolroom with everyone sitting in rows on chairs three feet apart

Harvey Price

World News – UK – Katie Price’s son Harvey has returned from hospital and is fine after starting A&E