Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan heat up the screen in Ammonite, a 19th century same-sex love story Century

Winslet plays a paleontologist who has an affair with a married woman (Saoirse), resulting in a passionate â ???? and very graphical â ???? Sex scenes

In a new interview with The Australian, Winslet, 45, explains why her sex scenes with Ronan, 26, felt “very different” than sex scenes she had previously filmed

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“I’ve played LGBTQ characters before. In fact, I played an LGBTQ character in my first movie, Heavenly Creatures,” she said of the Daily Mail


Winslet stated that while making this film, she lacked the kind of life experience that she now has

“I was very young, I had only just turned 17, and had very little experience with actual intimacy in my own life, so I didn’t really know what I was doing other than playing the character,” she said

Comparing her “Ammonite” scenes to heterosexual love scenes she filmed as women, both she and Ronan could speak the “same physical language” ”

Kate Winslet

World News – UK – Kate Winslet explains why her ammonite sex scenes with Saoirse Ronan are very different from her previous love scenes

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