Kate, 53, was back on screen with GMB co-host Ben Shephard, who welcomed her back on the show

“It’s nice to be back,” she said, and Ben mentioned, “A lot of people have been very concerned”

“I took some time off,” Kate explained. “On ITV they kindly gave me time off. I haven’t been feeling very well – I think it could be one of those things that chickens do after a long year, that we all had to come home to sleep

“I just took vacation – at home, I know vacation is controversial – within the four walls of my house I had a lot of sleep and a little medicine and felt a lot better, thank you”

Ben made it easy, joking, “Right, well, you have to remember that a little free time for you is also a little free time for us

Despite being Covid free, Derek suffers from medical complications and Kate was told he would “never recover” “

Kate offered an update explaining her fear for her husband “Well I couldn’t see him, Ben

“I haven’t seen him since Christmas, which of course means he’s back in a situation where he’s looking at strangers in masks

“And I think that’s the situation for everyone, they have someone in the hospital right now, it’s not unique”

“It’s tough this goes for people in nursing homes too. And if you’re someone like him dealing with a consciousness problem and trying to show up, I can’t help but fear that it won’t help”

“I think so,” replied Kate. “And of course that is very difficult and there is no end in sight”

Kate Garraway

World News – UK – Kate Garraway returns to GMB with fears for husband Derek Draper

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