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JOE Wicks has formed a new company that will raise the net worth of Britain’s most popular physical education teacher to a staggering £ 10 million

The Sun may publish new accounts with Companies House This shows that the self-proclaimed body coach started a company called Joe Wicks Group Limited

He is the sole shareholder and director of the company and his first annual financial statements from November 2018 to March 2019 showed net assets of £ 325 million

The company is referred to as a holding company and its assets are classified as equity investments

Wicks is a director of three other companies including Joe Wicks Limited, which grew assets to £ 348m in 2020 from £ 319m in 2019

He also has two other businesses worth more than £ 7 million after getting the face of fitness during the lockdown.

At Bodycoach Online Nutrition Limited, cash increased from £ 2 million to £ 3 million to £ 3 million by the end of March this year

Another company, Joe Wicks Limited, saw its retained earnings increase by 300£ 000 to almost £ 3.5 million over the same period

A business source said, “This is the newest part of the Joe Wicks empire that is showing no signs of growth, his popularity has exploded with his workouts and he will make even more money in 2021”
Wicks’ father of two, married to model Rosie Jones, is now being recognized for New Year’s awards for an MBE after becoming a household name with his 9 a.m. fitness class for school kids and workers

He donated thousands of pounds to the NHS generated by his YouTube videos and said in April after being accused of benefiting from the lockdown, “I’m not benefiting financially, I’m giving it all back””

Last week, Joe completed his 24-hour live training to raise more than £ 2 million for children in need

The fitness trainer wrapped up the fundraiser at the BBC’s London headquarters with a live HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class that practically attended school children from all over the country

When he finished the challenge where he did a variety of activities including rowing, biking, running, boxing, and weights, he jumped up and down with his arms and ran across the stage before his wife joined him Rosie for a hug

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