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Irish amateur jockey Rob James has apologized after a video of him climbed onto the back of a dead horse on social media

It comes after a photo of winning Grand National trainer Gordon Elliott on a dead horse came to light over the weekend

The video of James riding Elliott’s Milan Native to victory at the Cheltenham Festival last year shows him on horseback while others hear laughing

He told Irish Field, “I just want to apologize for my actions, which were totally inappropriate and disrespectful for a beautiful five year old mare who suffered sudden cardiac arrest while exercising early April 30, 2016” / p>

“I sincerely apologize to the mare’s owners, the staff who took care of her, the horse racing industry, and all horse racing enthusiasts for my actions

“Trying to defend my stupidity at the time would insult and hurt the many loyal people who have supported me throughout my career. I have embarrassed my employers, my family and especially the sport I love

“I am broken from the damage I have caused and will do my best to try to make amends for those injured by my behavior”

The Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board (IHRB), the sports regulator in Ireland, said it was “aware of the spread of further social media content” adding that “the matter is currently under investigation”

A spokesman for the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) said: “We are aware of the image but do not comment as this is a problem for the Irish authorities”

Elliott has been “fully” working with the IHRB since the photo of him was posted on Twitter Saturday night

He confirmed in a statement on Sunday evening that it was real and apologized “deeply for every crime that this photo caused”

On Tuesday afternoon, the IHRB posted a new statement on its Twitter account with the caption: “The Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board’s Referral Committee is due to be released on Friday May 5th March, meet to hear evidence and examine an investigation into Mr. Gordon Elliott (trainer) “

The Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board’s referral committee is due to be held on Friday May 5th March, meet to hear evidence and an investigation into Mr. Gordon Elliott (trainer)

The BHA has confirmed that Elliott will not be allowed to have runners in the UK until the investigation is complete

A statement on Monday evening said: “The British Horseracing Authority will not allow Irish trainer Gordon Elliott to race horses in the UK while Irish authorities investigate a picture that appeared on social media over the weekend

“The BHA, which regulates racing in the UK, will use powers under its own rules to refuse to allow Mr Elliott trained horses to race in the UK until the result of the Irish investigation is verified”

Elliott, a three-time Grand National winner, has received a lot of criticism Horse Racing Ireland said it condemned the photo “unconditionally” and Betfair had stopped working with the coach “with immediate effect”

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World News – GB – Jockey Rob James apologizes for climbing a dead horse in the video clip

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