Posted: 11:17 GMT, 2 February 2021 | Updated: 12:59 GMT, Jan. February 2021

Joanna Lumley told how she disguised herself like Donald Trump’s ex-wife Ivana to play a prank on Trump at a glamorous party – just to get rid of the joke

The 74-year-old Absolutely Fabulous star told the story behind the uncomfortable encounter with the former US President on BBC’s The One Show on Monday night

The actress, who played outrageous fashion editor Patsy Stone on the iconic ’90s sitcom, stated that her character on the show “admired” Ivana Trump

Unpleasant encounter: Joanna Lumley, 74, recounted the time she dressed up like Donald Trump’s ex-wife Ivana to prank him at a party on BBC’s The One Show on Monday

The show’s creator, Jennifer Saunders, believed there was a notable resemblance between the two women’s hair, as Patsy wore a style similar to Ivana’s iconic beehive and bangs on the sitcom

‘She was married to Donald at the time and Patsy liked her quite a bit, and Jennifer thought my hair looked like hers

‘So that was something that was written as [a line]:’ I rather admire Ivana Trump ‘

Striking: The actress who played Patsy Stone on the ’90s sitcom Absolutely Fabulous (left) declared her character “admired” Ivana Trump (right, 2007) and wore a similar style

The strange meeting between Joanna and Trump took place after his marriage to Ivana ended and he was married to actress Marla Maples between 1993 and 1999

The prank was the brainchild of a British celebrity, Lady Elizabeth Anson, a first cousin of Queen Elizabeth who was known for organizing the capital’s finest and most lavish celebrations

Lady Elizabeth had to throw a big party for Trump in London at ‘somewhere like Claridge’s’ and got the idea that it would be ‘really fun’ for Joanna to put her hair up like Patsy, and the businessman might be wrong for her his ex-wife

Not impressed: They met at a party in London in the ’90s when Trump was married to actress Marla Maples (pictured together) but the prank fell flat and Joanna felt “drained”

Joanna finally agreed to the prank and said, “I put on high heels, put on make-up and pinned my hair up as patsy as I could be

‘And I shuffled across the room towards him. There he was, usually orange, yellow

‘But his lovely little wife, Marla Maples, said at the time, “I think you look wonderful, how nice to meet you”So I felt a bit drained ‘

Joanna rose to fame playing the legendary Patsy in Absolutely Fabulous and won two BAFTAs for her role on the comedy series

Iconic Role: Joanna rose to fame playing the glamorous Patsy in Absolutely Fabulous and won two BAFTAs for her role on the comedy series

Her final role is in ITV’s upcoming Finding Alice, where she will appear as Alice’s mother, Sarah, and the actress admitted that she enjoyed playing “animal mother” on the show

The six-part series focuses on Alice slowly straightening up and finding her inner strength while the police investigate her husband falling down the stairs

The first time fans see Joanna’s character Sarah is when she and her husband Roger arrive to comfort Alice, to whom she asks her grieving daughter, “What in the world are you wearing?”

Talking about the role, Joanna told Radio Times, “My character Sarah is tricky and I think this could be my new role in dramas: pretty beastly mothers I hope it’s against the guy! ‘

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