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The presenter of BBC Radio 2 and DJ Jo Whiley, 55, has urged Covid experts via social media to advise on the condition of her sister.The TV presenter announced a few days ago on Twitter that her 53-year-old sibling Frances tested positive for coronavirus.She has chromosomal disease, which means she is severely learning disabled and has diabetes

Everyone in the LD community or a Covid Drs knows how to get oxygen into my sister

In the early hours of the morning, Twitter went on Twitter and asked her 343000 fans for advice

She said, “URGENT everyone in the LD community or a Covid Drs knows how to get oxygen into my sister

“We can’t calm you down enough to get [a] nasal cannula / CPAP mask on your & I can’t believe she’s the only learning disabled person who doesn’t tolerate masks “

Jo’s update comes hours after she posted a picture of her sister on Instagram revealing that her oxygen levels had started to drop

She wrote, “Minutes after my last post on Frances, I got off the train carefree, only to learn from my waiting husband that she had been hospitalized on extremely low oxygen levels

“Cue freak out This was discovered because we checked it with an oximeter, otherwise we wouldn’t have known who and for how long? Scary thought”

The DJ then asked their followers to invest in an oximeter to monitor their own levels

“Get an OXIMETER people you are VITAL when you are in the Covid world,” she claimed

Jo went on to explain why medical professionals find it difficult to correct their sister’s oxygen level

She continued, “Because she has learning difficulties and sometimes extremely challenging behavior, it was impossible to get oxygen into her and her levels have steadily decreased

“It is for this reason that all people with learning disabilities must be vaccinated as early as possible because, regardless of the underlying health condition, there are a multitude of factors that make them vulnerable and put their lives at risk”

Three days ago, Jo went to the social media platform to share her devastating news with fans

“I got a call late last night to say that Frances, my sister, had tested positive for & to have COVID”

The radio star went on to say that despite her and her family’s efforts to get Frances to safety, she contracted the virus

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“Our worst fears were realized after keeping her safe with a vaccine this close for a year. She’s okay so far. We kept our fingers crossed”

In a piece for The Telegraph written later that day, the Radio 2 host wrote about how she had been offered the vaccine in front of her vulnerable sister

She said, “I, a 55-year-old amateur triathlete, was offered the kick on the day Frances tested positive after not receiving hers

“It just doesn’t make sense to me that the person most vulnerable in this equation is still waiting”

Less than a day ago, the DJ hit social media to let her fans know she wouldn’t be on the radio

“My sister Frances is badly in the hospital with Covid” I don’t feel shiny or happy tonight, I’m very scared

“However, I will be listening to @willyoung who I know will light up our kitchen in the depths of our darkness”

She wrote: “I hope Frances comes through soon I send you and her so much love”

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Jo Whiley

World News – GB – Jo Whiley asks urgent advice because sister suffers from Covid “I am very scared”

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/celebrity-news/1399942/Jo-Whiley-sister-Frances-Twitter-Covid-oxygen-advice-latest-news-update