DJ Jo Whiley said she was living “a nightmare” after being offered a Covid vaccine in front of her sister with a learning disability and having diabetes

Her sister Frances has since tested positive for coronavirus after an outbreak occurred in her nursing home

The BBC Radio 2 host said she would give up her vaccine for her sister “immediately”

The vaccines minister said people with learning disabilities in home care are now starting to get the sting

People with diabetes and people with a “severe or severe” learning disability belong to priority group 6 for the coronavirus vaccine

People in priority groups five and six – including those over 65 and those considered clinically at risk – were invited to book a stab on Monday

Almost six in ten people who died of coronavirus in England last year were disabled, according to the National Statistics Office

In people with a medically diagnosed learning disability, the risk of death from Covid was 37 times higher for men and women compared to people without a learning disability

On Thursday evening, Whiley, 55, said she received the call she “feared” when she found out an outbreak of Covid had occurred at her sister’s nursing home

“I feel like I’m having a nightmare,” she told BBC Radio 4’s Today program. “The whole weekend has been awful. It has been really, really difficult”

“And then, ironically, I got a message that I should have my vaccine in front of my sister, who has learning disabilities and underlying health conditions,” she said

The DJ added that she didn’t know why she was invited to get the bump but said it may have been because she was being viewed as the caregiver of her sister who is 53 years old and that has rare genetic Cri du Chat syndrome

“I would give up my vaccine right away if I could so that my sister and one of the residents of her house could get her vaccine it doesn’t feel right, “she said

Whiley said she wanted to speak out for people like her sister “who have been overlooked”

“It happens so often – people with learning difficulties are neglected, they have no voice,” she added

In a tweet, she said her “worst fears” had been realized with the prospect of a vaccine this close

“I feel like I’m in a terrible movie with bad twists,” she said, “She’s all right as far as everything crossed”

I feel like I’m in a terrible movie with bad twists and turns Late last night I received a call to say that Frances, my sister, had tested positive for & COVID Our worst fears were realized after we She had been brought to safety for a year with a vaccine this close. She is fine as far as everything is crossed 🤞💜 BildTwittercom / ia5Lr2z2Xv

The Mencap charity requires that all people with learning difficulties belong to at least the sixth priority group for the vaccine

Managing Director Edel Harris said the current restriction on people with a “severe or profound” learning disability is “arbitrary and subjective”

“We believe that general practitioners, currently under tremendous pressure, need to exercise their discretion”

Adults with Down syndrome, who usually cause some degree of learning disability, belong to priority group four as they are considered to be extremely clinically susceptible

When asked about the situation of Frances in the same program, Government Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi said: “The case you just described to me – living in home care with a learning disability – is now being vaccinated in Category Six categories five and six have just started – this is happening now to get the case up

“Of course we will have to wait 28 days after infection before we can return So for home care, we go back four times to dispense the two doses as people sometimes cannot get the first dose”until the infection is over after 28 days”

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