The Rangers forward is determined to have both expert and management practice when he retires from the game

Rangers striker Jermain Defoe has announced that he has upset Sky Sports by signing a new deal at the club and unable to commit to the pandemic

The broadcaster wanted the former Spurs star to be expert, and Defoe has already done so He admitted that he has had a good relationship with them since previous work

But Defoe is focused on his career on the pitch at Ibrox and insists that he just wants to continue his career for now

He is known for taking young Rangers players under his wing and is known to work with academy strikers Defoe admits that he would love to be a manager in the future

The veteran doesn’t have much time in his career and is determined to make the most of it, but hopes to become a manager in the future rather than just a coach

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When asked about his future after football, Defoe, who spoke exclusively to Reece Mennie about Mennie Talks, said, “I would love to do both! I did some of the expert work and have a good relationship with Sky With the Experts she really upset that I signed a new contract with Rangers, but I’d love to be an expert

“If you are an expert and you are talking about the game, talk to the audience. When I talk about a goal I need to break it down, why it did it, why it did it, as people like to see it Even when I’m at home with my family talking about a match, I see things that people don’t see, and when I talk about them, people at home can watch

“To be honest, I’d rather be a manager, a little bit of coaching of course, especially forward coaching, but I would like to be a manager especially for the managers I’ve played among, how they like to do things, like them I think a big part of management is how to deal with people, how to talk to the players and just understand what people need

Defoe has had a long career and on the podcast he reveals to younger players how not to waste the money they get early in their lives

And the ex-England striker admits that he no longer has to play to support his family for a lifetime, but is determined to achieve something special with Steven Gerrard at Rangers

He added: “I was lucky because my generation has always been good at PFA, but a lot of it comes from family too, to be honest. Growing up in East London, understanding the working class background and appreciating what you get and don’t waste, so much of it comes from the family

“I was fortunate to have an understanding of money. If you work hard to get something done, don’t abuse it or waste it because when we look at the family and the people in front of us, it was difficult to make decent money or get an opportunity

“If you are the one who gets the opportunity in your family, it’s important to take care of it and just appreciate it

“Of course I was one of the lucky ones, but I’ve always said that from day one. You always have to thank God because there could have been someone else in that position and in the area where I played like you know there is a lot of money in football and when you have the right people around, you say you have to do this, you have to do this, invest in this, you have to get properties

“Sometimes when you are young you don’t understand At the end of your career, you’ll be glad you did. Where I’m sitting, I don’t have to play, I don’t think about that

“For me, I think I’m with Rangers and I want to achieve something special. When it comes to money, I don’t even think about it because I’ve been blessed and always listened to people who had my best interests in their hearts”

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