The star’ The Repair Shop ‘was baffled during his time on the festive show because despite Mary’s guidance, he has no cooking skills at all

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, he confessed, “I can’t cook to save my life, I don’t know why they chose me

“I think this had to do with Mary She is a fan of The Repair Shop and I met her and she said, ‘I want you to be one of my little elves to help people'”

On the BBC show, Mary will help would-be chefs save Christmas by teaching them how to prepare a feast for their family with the help of some celebrity guests

Jay was hired to help freshman Claire make a pavlova to impress her husband, however, the 50-year-old TV star admitted the pudding hadn’t turned out so well

He stated, “It’s what you’d expect two beginners to cook something as extravagant as a pavlova”

Instead, Jay decided to focus on mixing cocktails to “calm the nerves” since his usual place in the household is picking the best tunes

He said, “Mary gave me the task of making a cocktail and we had a few drinks. My family knows that my part is really music and that I will sit down at the table”

The broadcaster who previously starred on ‘The Great British Bake Off’ said, “It’s joyful and fun. I wanted to put my teaching hat on, to give them something that they really enjoy and that they have a skill in would learn “

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Mary Berry

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