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The Football Association of Ireland has offered its support to James McClean after the Stoke midfielder exposed a disgusting abuse on social media that threatened to set his house on fire while his family was inside

McClean posted a statement on Instagram calling for more support against anti-Irish abuse when sharing pictures of direct messages to him, including comments like “f *** the IRA” and “f *** Ireland you c * ” ** ‘

“The Football Association of Ireland condemns the recent social media threats targeting senior Irish international James McClean and offers our full support to James and his family during this difficult time,” he said

“In light of this latest incident, the association reached out to James and assured him that the FAI will assist him in any way they can”

Hill continued, “The FAI continues to strive to protect all of our players from any form of abuse on a social media platform Abusing or threatening James or any other player based on nationality should not by society Unfortunately, such behavior is all too common on social media

“Just last week we commended English football’s stance on football abuse on all social media channels and we are looking at how best to adopt a similar stance”

McClean, 31, received the direct messages over the weekend and shared pictures of them on social media

One message said, “Don’t let me set your house on fire and burn everyone in it,” while McClean also highlighted three of the other messages he had received

The Republic of Ireland international named the troll “wee d *******” and told him to repeat the insults on his face

McClean’s wife also revealed that she once watched a match out of fear after someone threatened to bring a gun to the game

Erin on Monday reported extensively on social media about the abuse the couple has faced over the years, including spitting out and screaming, saying, “I even remember someone threatening him once that he took a gun with you to a certain game and I can still remember watching that game on TV in absolute fear ”

She added, “Not a day goes by without one of us not getting a message whether it’s a threat or telling us to get the f *** out of England”

In an interview with talkSPORT last July, McClean urged football authorities to offer more support given the abuse he and other professionals have received online

McClean said, “I see all this support for David McGoldrick, Wilfried Zaha and Raheem Sterling and that and rightly I don’t want to take away the attention and support they get because it’s a blast on it is absolutely correct and so should they

“The point I wanted to address was that it leaves a sour taste in my mouth because I see all this support and think, ‘I’ve been abused for the past nine years, where has my support been? Where is my attention? “

“And when I say attention, I am not looking for attention, discrimination in my eyes is discrimination, but it almost seems that one has a higher priority over the other, and that irritates me”

“I’m not asking for sympathy or attention, I’m just asking for equality, it really is””

Anthony Martial was racially abused on Instagram following the Manchester United draw in West Brom on Sunday, while Newcastle boss Steve Bruce told talkSPORT that he had received death threats

McClean has been targeted in the past for refusing to wear a poppy before Remembrance Day

The Northern Ireland-born player wrote an open letter quoting the 1972 Bloody Sunday massacre in which the British Army killed 13 people and injured 15 others when it turned 15000 protesters gathered in the streets of Derry

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