Tory Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg has come under fire for accusing Unicef ​​of a “political stunt” after the UN agency intervened to help feed disadvantaged children in Britain during the Covid-19 pandemic

The Commons leader picked Unicef, responsible for humanitarian aid to children around the world, after launching its first domestic emergency aid in the UK in its more than 70-year history

As part of their support program, which includes more than 700The agency has set 25,000 GBP to fund projects for children and their familiesGBP 000 pledged to raise nearly 25 over the Christmas break and in a suburb of South London000 breakfasts to be delivered February halftime

After Unicef’s support in the UK was raised in the House of Commons on Thursday by Labor MP Zarah Sultana, who also targeted Rees-Mogg’s personal wealth, the minister replied: “I think it’s a real scandal that Unicef ​​should play politics this way when it comes to caring for people in the poorest, most deprived countries in the world, where people are starving, famine and civil war is raging

“And they make cheap political points of that kind and give 25 I believe to a council000 pounds It’s a political stunt of the lowest order ”

Defending the government’s response to child poverty, including the expansion of free school meals, added: “Unicef ​​should be ashamed”

However, the minister’s comments sparked a backlash Labor vice-chair Angela Rayner said, “The only people to be ashamed of are Boris Johnson and the rest of his government, who are starving our children.”

She said, “In one of the richest countries in the world, our children shouldn’t be forced to rely on a charity that usually works in war zones and in response to humanitarian disasters. The only scandal here is that this lazy Tory- Government 4 leaves 2 million children living in poverty, a number that will only increase because of the coronavirus crisis ”

Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey said: “Rees-Mogg’s derisive comments are hideous – a modern version of ‘let them eat cake’”

Anna Kettley, Director of Programs and Advocacy at Unicef ​​UK, said: “Unicef ​​UK is responding to this unprecedented crisis, building on our 25 years of experience working on children’s rights in the UK with a unique domestic response on in August to support vulnerable children and families across the country in this time of crisis

“Working with Sustain, the Food and Agriculture Alliance, community groups across the country are growing over 700£ 000 in Unicef ​​UK funds to support their important work and help children and families at risk of food insecurity during the coronavirus pandemic Unicef ​​will continue to spend our international funds on the world’s poorest children believe that every child is important and deserves to survive and thrive no matter where they are born ”

Kettley said Unicef ​​UK had grants between 5000 and 25£ 000 provided, with a total of over £ 700000 GBP 30 community organizations have been made available to fund projects for children and families in their area

“For some of the projects in question, funding is distributed through a council, but the bulk of the grants go direct to community organizations,” she said. “In Southwark, funding went directly to School Food Matters, a community organization”

Unicef ​​UK announced that the first round of grants was confirmed in mid-August and that all funded program activities should be completed by next February

The School Food Matters community project has a grant of 25£ 000 received The charity claims to be working with Premier Foods, Southwark Council and the Southwark Food Action Alliance – a collective of nonprofits, residents and community partners – to help 25 schools over the two-week Christmas break at 18000 breakfasts and an additional 6750 breakfast in the February half-year

The prime minister’s spokesman declined to comment directly on Rees-Mogg’s remarks, saying: “We would like to highlight the work and actions we have already taken to help the most vulnerable and poorest families across the country to support ”

Jacob Rees-Mogg

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