ITV’s The Chase is known for the exceptional skills of their pursuers, but this week Mark Labbett, aka’ The Beast ‘, has suffered a week of nightmare

The Beast is usually in tip top shape, but this week there have been two impressive losses to The Chase and Beat The Chasers

At The Chase, The Beast faced a contestant who was alone in the final chase, and she defied the odds by collecting 19 correct answers

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Bradley was stunned by her victory, as were many of the fans who watched the show, which was a rerun as not everyone could believe what they saw

Then The Beast saw his nightmare week carry on when former EastEnders star Shaun Williamson got him for £ 120000 for the Paul Strength Charitable Trust

The London-based charity helps those in need by providing grants, goods and services and actively working to prevent poverty

Shaun is known for playing Barry in EastEnders, who appeared in 656 episodes from 1994 to 2004, and is also a huge fan of quiz shows

Shaun definitely impressed the Chasers, stormed through the correct answers and won the jackpot 15 seconds ahead of the Chasers clock

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World News – UK – ITV The Chase’s The Beast suffers from a nightmare week beaten by the EastEnders star