We’re already excited about the new Channel 5 drama Intruder, which follows a soaring couple whose picture-perfect lives are destroyed after an attempted break-in into their remote coastal home

The four-part series started Monday night and airs each week before ending on Thursday, before episode two, meet the hugely talented cast here

Irish actress Elaine Cassidy directs the series as Rebecca, a journalist who works for a local newspaper called the Becksfield Gazette.She and her husband live an idyllic life in their custom-made West Country home, but one night things change quickly when two burglars break in Elaine has previously appeared in A Discovery of Witches, Harper’s Island, Paradise, and No Offense

Sam plays Rebecca’s husband and is the actor and comedian Tom Meeten, who is perhaps best known to audiences for his work in comedy He has starred in The Mighty Boosh, Star Stories and Motherland In Intruder, among others. He plays a DJ who puts on a call-in show about politics and current affairs that often provokes controversial opinions

Sally Lindsay plays the family liaison officer, Karen Bailey.While initially there to comfort the couple after the traumatic incident, she quickly becomes suspicious that not everything is what it seems. Soap buffs are most likely about Sally in her role on Coronation Street, but she’s also starred in greats like Scott & Bailey, Mount Pleasant, and Still Open All Hours

Angela is Rebecca’s editor at the paper and a close friend of the couple who happened to be in the house on the night of the botched break-in attempt. Fans of Shane Meadows’ work will recognize actress Helen Behan; She starred in This Is England ’88 and This Is England ’90, as well as his 2019 miniseries The Virtues, for which she received a nomination for Best Supporting Actress for TV BAFTA

Newcomer Sonny Poon Tip makes his acting debut on the series, playing one of the local teenagers who break into Rebecca and Sam’s house, who is described as a talented artist whose heart is in the right place

Syed’s friend Tommy is the brain behind the operation He has long been involved in a life of crime, selling stolen goods to a local criminal gang. While actor Adam Richardson has numerous stage credits, Intruder will also be his first on-screen role

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World News – UK – Intruder: Meet the cast of the new Channel 5 thriller

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