Kate Garraway’s Good Morning Britain co-host Adil Ray has branded her “special” and admitted that he doesn’t know where her strength comes from when her husband Derek Draper stays in the hospital. p>

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Good Morning Britain presenter Adil Ray found out about colleague Kate Garraway – and how he strives to be like her

Adil, who sometimes presents alongside the regular Kate, said he was in awe of her “amazing willpower” as she went on to salaried while her husband remained in the hospital

Doctors let Derek Draper in the intensive care unit with coronavirus in early April before putting him into a coma

He has since emerged from this coma and is currently in a prolonged state of consciousness disorder, which means he is generally unresponsive

In July, Kate made the decision to return to our screens and her GMB hosting role, bringing her usual charm and dignity with her

Adil said OK! Magazine: “She’s had such difficult times over the past 12 months and it’s been so hard for her. But being in the studio with her during that time is really inspiring.

“We’ve all been working through our own personal problems, but you look at Kate and think, ‘Well, I’ll keep doing what she does!’

“She can dust herself off, look amazing, put herself in front of the camera and be absolutely brilliant knowing what she’s going through in life inspires so many”

Adil attributes Kate’s resilience to her “amazing willpower,” which I briefly saw as a celebrity viewer when she attended in 2019

“I’m absolutely sure that when she goes home it must be difficult and that she must have moments of utter despair,” he added

“But life has to go on and she has to go forward or she is defeatist I think that coming to work and doing her tv show is a real privilege to be with her is a real privilege”

While Derek is now free of the deadly bug, major complications have “devastated” his body “

She has written a new book, The Power of Hope, in which she records Derek’s fight against the virus

“I’ve been a little low since Christmas, physically low. Physically at the end of my leash and I had to regroup a bit”

She continued, “Derek is still devastated by the effects of Covid in March, and his recovery is incredibly uncertain

“I’m trying to find new things and ways and talk to doctors about what we can do for him”

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World News – UK – “Inspirational” Kate Garraway has become a role model for GMB sets, says Adil Ray

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