cap hpi’s live values ​​reported a total drop of 15% at the 3 year time point in February, that drop is an average of £ 150 per car Since October, used car trade values ​​have fallen by 9.4% or nearly 950 £

The “Lockdown 3” theme was continued in February Retailers’ sales rates were generally between 50 and 75% of this time last year, with an average of 65%

Given where sales rates were during the initial lockdown almost a year ago, this is a positive reflection of the work the industry has done to develop its digital footprint and encourages customers to shop online in numbers like this / p>

Head of Valuation at cap hpi, Derren Martin, said, “It would be easy to look at this headline and point out that the used car market is struggling, but that is definitely not the case. The average declines of nearly 10% a period of 6 months ahead in which average prices rose – we always thought a realignment was likely

“On top of that, the country has been closed for the past two months and November, and physical dealerships have been closed Unsurprisingly, due to a forced decline, some price pressure has been put on prices asking ”

But what happens next to demand and used car prices since there is a government roadmap resulting from the current restrictions?

Martin argues that by age 12 April, the target date for the physical reopening of non-essential retail stores, the positivity will increase

“Our analysis shows that with an average retail sales rate of around 65% this time last year, the remaining 35% of consumers are looking to buy after the showrooms reopened in April, adding to that the members of the public who are too.” are already in the market at this point in time, and we are likely to see a period of strong demand. We anticipate that this will drive prices up for a short period of time ”

cap hpi assumes that this period of pent-up consumer demand will be met by a strengthening of retail values ​​and is easily preceded by retailers becoming more active as they replenish their forecourt, especially because there will be fewer sub-exchanges, at least in the short term, around to meet retail demand for new vehicle sales due to a quieter than normal March

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The company says the relative efficiency of online acquisition compared to physical auctions –

“Too many dealers underestimate the importance of a high-quality used vehicle warranty in order to receive it

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Lockdown Roadmap

World News – UK – Industry is “fine” with lockdown if the roadmap is revealed, says cap hpi