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I’m a Celebrity Viewers were shocked tonight when Giovanna Fletcher revealed that McFly’s hit It’s All About You was written for her

The 35-year-old is married to McFly singer Tom Fletcher and has three children together, Buzz (six), Buddy (four) and Max (two)

Giovanna and Tom, also 35, have been together since they were young and got married in May 2012

On today’s show, which featured invisible footage from all week, Giovanna shared with her camp mates how Tom wrote McFly’s hit “It’s All About You” for her

She said, “That was my Valentine’s gift. It was just before Valentine’s Day, Tom hadn’t got me a Valentine’s Day present, so he went into the studio and literally wrote it super fast He said it was just one of those songs that just came out and recorded a version that’s simple, really nice, and then gave me the record for Valentine’s Day

“Then Comic Relief came up and said,” We want you to do the song and run the campaign this year Do you have something suitable? “

“And Tom said,” If my girlfriend doesn’t mind, I wrote this song and it could work. You wanted a song that was a little more personal “

On the Telegraph, Giovanna said, “I know this song is about me, but it has become everyone’s song and I love to share it with everyone””

The audience couldn’t believe what they were hearing One wrote on Twitter: “TOM WAS ONE OF MY CHILDHOOD WHO NOW BRINGS TOGETHER KNOW THAT” It’s all about you “FOR GI!?! ??? SHE’S SO HAPPY”

A third added, “Of course” All About You “is about Gi! It didn’t cross my mind, but of course it is! What a great song to give your name to”

Meanwhile, a fourth agreed by sharing a crying GIF, writing, “When I found out Tom wrote, it’s all about you for Giovanna”

Giovanna was also in tears tonight when she talked about her children and how much she missed them

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