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Alex Jones and Jermaine Jenas of The One Show greeted actor Hugh Bonneville on the BBC show Wednesday, but before the star even spoke to the hosts, dozens of viewers were surprised by his seemingly youthful looks, many claimed Hugh put a filter on his camera

“Did Hugh apply a soft filter to his zoom chat? #TheOneShow, “a The One Show viewer said on Twitter

“What the hell is crazy? #TheOneShow, “added a third to the debate, while a fourth claimed,” Hugh Bonneville couldn’t turn off the beautification filter – “I look 20 but I’m still here”#TheOneShow”

And a fifth repeated, “Ffs, what’s the filter for Hugh Baskerville, it only looks about 20, # TheOneShow”

While his performance caught the attention of the audience at home, Alex and Jermaine were more interested in discussing his upcoming role in To Olvia

Hugh takes on the role of writer Roald Dahl in the big screen blockbuster opposite Keeley Hawes from Line of Duty, who plays his wife Patricia Neal

“We all know him for his books,” Jermaine said “But that goes a little deeper into the darker side of his personal life, what happened right before he wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I suppose?”

Hugh then went into detail about what fans can expect from his brand new role when he stated, “It’s about that time,

“It was over a period of time that they had three children Patricia was a celebrated actor on Broadway and in high demand in Hollywood at the time

“He had written James and the Giant Peach, it had a relative foray in America, hadn’t yet been published in the UK He was working on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

DON’T MISS: Alex Jones feared for Janette Manrara / p>

“They had three children and lived in Great Missenden, where he had the famous shack with the yellow door and the tragedy every parent fears and no parent wants to go through You lost a child to measles “

Hugh added that it was her daughter Olivia who had died after contracting the disease while there was no vaccine

The former Downton Abbey star then explained how To Olivia takes viewers on a heartbreaking journey as they watch them both at work through their grief

Elsewhere in the chat, Hugh spoke about his time volunteering at a local vaccination center as the government continues to vaccinate the nation against coronavirus

And he had some pretty weird stories up his sleeve when he explained, “We had someone who said the hand sanitizer was the devil’s work and wouldn’t touch it

“And one person said last week you shouldn’t vaccinate old people in this weather, you should wait until summer – which misses the point we’re trying to get a little bit”

Despite the hiccups, Hugh emphasized how pleased he was to be part of the vaccination rollout and understood the mixed attitudes people had towards returning to a semblance of normalcy

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Hugh Bonneville

World News – UK – Hugh Bonneville distracts the One Show viewers with a youthful look: “Looks like 20!”

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/showbiz/tv-radio/1399202/Hugh-Bonneville-The-One-Show-appearance-filter-youthful-weight-loss-BBC-video