Countless people around the world will be wondering how to watch CNN live at the upcoming inauguration of the President, which begins at 10:30 a.m. CET. And here we have a rundown of exactly what you can do to get a live CNN feed anywhere

CNN is widely regarded as a trusted news source and provides thorough, relatively unbiased coverage of world events as they occur. Whatever you think of the network, we are only interested in giving you access to a CNN live stream

While it is relatively easy to access CNN from the US, problems can arise if you are outside of the US – even if you pay for the network. Here we explain exactly how to get CNN live anywhere in the world can see

If you pay at home for a cable or OTT subscription package that includes CNN, you can just switch to your TV’s channel

If you want to stream on your PC or mobile device, all you have to do is go to the CNN website and sign in. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to watch CNN live in the CNN Go app just like you would on your TV


If you don’t have a TV package with CNN, we recommend Sling TV’s Blue bundle as the cheapest way to get access, at $ 30 a month, it’s significantly cheaper than cable and also includes Fox News, BBC America, MSNBC, and more

ExpressVPN is our first recommendation for accessing CNN outside of the US With great speeds, unrivaled location spoofing performance, and easy-to-use apps, it’s the perfect choice Plus, Tom’s Guide readers can now get three months free for every 12 month Claim plan

Some countries allow you to watch a live stream of CNN coverage for free, but it is not available in all locations and does not offer as flexible coverage as the paid CNN Go service

If you have a cable or an OTT provider like Sling and you are not in the US, the most efficient is to use the best VPN to change your location all you have to do is select a US VPN server and then go to the CNN website as if you were back home then log in with your details and look

Our top recommendation is ExpressVPN, thanks to its super-simple but powerful apps, great unlocking performance, and a large number of server locations worldwide

For example, if you are visiting family or work in Canada, you may not be able to watch CNN even though you paid to use ExpressVPN, however, you can select a server in the US and move virtually

Once you do, you can log into the website with your cable details and access everything CNN has to offer – even if you are physically in a location the service doesn’t cover

For those in the US, getting access to CNN is very easy – you probably already have it

It comes with virtually all basic cable and satellite TV subscriptions When you have cut the cable completely, it is also to choose for OTT services like Sling TV, AT&T TV Now, Hulu with Live TV and other available TV providers comparison

Regardless of how you access CNN on your TV, you can also log in to the CNN Go website and watch CNN live online

If you’re a US resident (or at least have a US credit card), you can sign up with any OTT provider offering CNN anywhere in the world

All you have to do is sign up for ExpressVPN, change your location to the US and go to the provider’s website as usual, then enter your US credit card details and watch!

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a US credit card, you won’t be able to access CNN this way, even if you use a VPN to change your location

A CNN live stream is available online for users in the UK You can also watch it in HD on Sky and Freesat

If you have a streaming or cable subscription that gives you regular access to CNN, you can watch it on your Roku too, all you have to do is add the CNN Go channel on your Roku device and then enter your subscription information. p>

However, if you want to use a VPN to watch CNN on your Roku outside of the US, you’ll need to install a router VPN.This is because Roku devices don’t support VPNs themselves, so it’s a little more complicated than on a desktop or desktop Smartphone, but our first choice ExpressVPN makes it easy with a dedicated router app and clear walkthroughs

CNN Go is available on the Amazon Appstore All you have to do is download the app and log in with your appropriate credentials

Since the Fire Stick is Android-based, VPNs are supported.If you’d like to watch CNN on Fire Stick outside of the US, check out our guide to the best Fire Stick VPN services available

The first and foremost reason to use a VPN with CNN is to have access to the content you pay for worldwide so if you are in Canada, the UK or anywhere else, you can connect to a US server and log into CNN as if you were in your living room

There’s more to it though, if you have a good internet connection and still find that CNN is buffering or playing with poor quality, it may be because you are experiencing network throttling

This happens when your ISP detects your high bandwidth connection usage and deliberately slows you down to make sure all users are getting a similar speed. High bandwidth applications include torrenting, gaming, and of course streaming HD content

A VPN anonymizes what you use your connection for This means that your provider won’t be able to detect that you are streaming.Then your connection won’t be able to slow down

A VPN also offers unparalleled privacy and security for any type of surfing So if you’re watching CNN live abroad and want to keep your personal information safe, a secure VPN is the perfect solution

If you’re looking to stream CNN live outside of the US, a VPN is essential – and our first choice is ExpressVPN, with blazing speeds and easy-to-use apps that work on myriad devices like Roku, Fire Stick, and Apple TV, as well as desktop and mobile , it’s the perfect solution for accessing blocked content Plus you have 30 days to test the service before you commit

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