Edinburgh and Lothian health chiefs warn of an’ alarming ‘surge in Covid cases across the region in an urgent public request to stop stricter Christmas rules in the east of Scotland now virus’ hotspot’

Individuals curious to find out when they might get a Covid bump can get an estimate online using a new vaccine calculator

Following the UK-approved rollout of Pfizer / BioNtech on Aug. December received more than 130000 people vaccinated in the first week

The doses were given to those most susceptible to the virus, including nursing home residents, staff, those over 80 and NHS workers in the first wave

The omni calculator uses the government’s priority list to predict where you will be in line to get a Covid vaccine in the UK (see below)

You will be asked to fill out a form indicating your age, whether you live or work in a nursing home, whether you are pregnant, or whether you work in the healthcare sector

The tool also needs to know if you were asked to protect or identified as extremely vulnerable during the lockdown, and if you have underlying health conditions

If you answer all of these questions correctly, you will get a more accurate estimate of when you might get a Covid vaccine

For example, an adult aged 65 years without any health problems has between 9926645 and 12305865 people queuing for a Covid vaccine in the UK

For example, a 25-year-old health worker is expected to be 503378 to 4384545 people in the queue is at the top of the list

An 18-year-old with no underlying health conditions will be between 27132105 and 38844493 has been queued for a vaccine and must be received by April 26 June to 16 Wait September 2021 to receive it

The website states that all calculations are based on a vaccination rate of 1000000 per week and based on an intake of 706% ”

Anyone aged 16 to 64 years with underlying health conditions that are at greater risk for serious illness and mortality

Polish startup Omni Calculator specializes in bespoke online calculators that try to solve real-life problems in just a few seconds

“We’re called the Omni Calculator for one reason – our goal is to solve all the little math problems people deal with on a daily basis,” the website says

Covid vaccine calculator UK

World news – GB – How to check your queue for a coronavirus sting with Omni Calculator – explained

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