Christmas dinner is a meal traditionally eaten on the big day, with turkey usually being the centerpiece.For many, this year may even be the first time a Christmas dinner has been cooked due to ongoing restrictions across the country becomes

While cooking a full roast or main meal may seem complicated, it’s all about timing and preparation

The cooking team at BBC Good Food shared their key tips for cooking the perfect Christmas meal

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The team said, “Before planning your menu, consider the size of your oven and the size and amount of cans, pans, and hobs you will need

“A big turkey is a big boiling deal, and if you don’t typically cook for a lot of people, your largest griddle might not be big enough, but a new, very large griddle might not fit in your oven – you will be surprised how much space roasts take up

If there isn’t much space in the oven, fried potatoes can be cooked in the same bowl as the turkey if there is space

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For those with a smaller oven, the cooking team at BBC Good Food recommends boiling the potatoes while the turkey rests

They stated, “Don’t plan on roasting everything that goes with your Christmas dinner. Once you’ve got the turkey in the oven, there may not be much room

“Your potatoes can go in after the turkey comes out The turkey can rest for a long time if it is kept warm under foil and a heavy towel to insulate it. If your potatoes are not crispy enough when you cook them with the turkey, turn the oven on to crisp them ”

It is important that the turkey rest for about 30 minutes to allow the juices to redistribute

Planning is the key to cooking a roast because nobody wants cold food on their plate

The cooking team said, “When it comes to a big meal like this, you can never be over-prepared Make sure you have your menu fully planned and read carefully any recipes you use Reread any instructions that are not clear

“Write a list of all the ingredients you will need and tick the ones you already have. Write a prep list of all the jobs you will need to prepare the food. If you cross them off the list, you will get great be satisfied ”

BBC Good Food also has a printable Christmas schedule for the day with pre-calculated roasting times and temperatures

Gravy is an essential part of the roast meal and can take some time to complete In the meantime, the food will get cold

Since Christmas Day is tomorrow, it could even be put in the refrigerator overnight and warmed up again tomorrow

They said, “With a large roast dinner, the stress point is usually making sauce at the last minute. To get rid of that, prep a sauce and freeze it – no one is going to be the smarter, and the sauce is probably tastier when made with care and patience rather than doing three other things at the same time ”

Being flexible when you have dinner means you have less stress to prepare everything on time

The cooking team recommends thinking about making meal time a little later than usual so that you can cook at your own pace

They added, “Eating later in the day gives you more time to cook happily at your own pace rather than feeling like you’re pressed for time”

“Don’t keep opening the oven to see how your roast is doing This affects the cooking times as your oven needs to be constantly brought back to the correct temperature”Also, make sure you thaw anything that is frozen thoroughly before cooking, otherwise the cooking times will not be correct”

Opening the oven can significantly increase the cooking time as the heat can escape from the oven

Homemade cooking can take a long time, especially when it comes to foods like potatoes that need to be peeled, boiled, and then roasted

The BBC Good Food team said, “Don’t Believe Everything Has To Be Homemade By Christmas the media is full of the best supermarket purchases. Shop anything that you’re not sure about or that will make the load easier”

Purchasing frozen vegetables can also save a lot of time in the kitchen and comes in mixed bags as well

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