Having won a record six Super Bowls with the New England Patriots in 20 years, Tom Brady became a free agent year for the first time

Looking for a new challenge, he decided to leave the most successful team of the modern NFL era for one of the least successful – the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs hosted Super Bowl 55 at the end of the season and had just signed the man widely considered the greatest quarterback of all time

Could he really take Tampa Bay to the big game in its first season, making them the first team to play a Super Bowl in their own stadium? It seemed too good to be true

It wasn’t – not with Brady piloting the ship.The Bucs have defied the odds of making the NFL showpiece, and the league’s three-time Most Valuable Player, now 43, continues to brave fatherhood

Founded in 1976, Tampa Bay was bought by the Glazer family in 1995, who also took over Manchester United in 2005.The Bucs won Super Bowl 37 in 2003 but did not win another play-off game until Brady hit the postseason in fact 2007 not achieved at all

Bruce Arians became head coach in 2019 and after Jameis Winston made 30 interceptions in a single season on his way to a 7-9 record this season, it was time for Tampa Bay to start looking for a new quarterback

Arians said this week, “You can’t hit a home run if you don’t swing for one,” and the Bucs duly lured Brady in. Her signing then convinced the Bucs to bring former Patriots teammate Rob Gronkowski out of retirement, which included a short time in WWE

“It’s crazy what Tom Brady did,” said BBC expert Jason Bell. “He inherited pretty much the same team and you can see the jump [in the performance] People are talking about the ‘Patriot Way’ but some say it is the “Brady Way” external link because it challenges and is accountable to these players “

Brady joined a new team during a pandemic The training was severely restricted and the preparation games were canceled Tampa Bay lost the season opener to the New Orleans Saints

But the Bucs improved to 6-2, making Antonio Brown the newest member of the ‘Brady Bunch’, the star-wide recipient stayed at Brady’s house during a brief stint with New England in 2019

BBC expert Osi Umenyiora said Brady couldn’t have picked a better situation With Brown, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin he now had three of the NFL’s best receivers to throw, he was protected in his pocket and played for an offensive coach like Arians, who saw Brady as “the missing piece”

“I knew how good we had a team and what we were missing – that belief that we were good enough,” said Arians this week

“Until you’re with a man of [Brady’s] stature, you don’t really know his personality every day. He’s just one of the guys and does a great job with younger and older players. It’s like having a different coach on the field “

Arians even let Brady play, and Tampa Bay won the last four regular season games to finish 11-5 and secure a place in the play-offs

Brady had 40 touchdown passes for the season – the second highest in the league and career – and then helped the Bucs beat three division winners on the road

Umenyiora was on the New York Giants team that defeated New England in Super Bowls 42 and 46, and when Brady left the Patriots he was among those who thought coach Bill Belichick got most of the credit deserved for their success

But Brady is preparing for a 10 Super Bowl ahead, while the Patriots lost their first season since 2000. In October, Umenyiora apologized to his old opponent on the NFL Show

“I always knew Brady was a really good player,” Umenyiora said this week. “But I wanted him to do it elsewhere, in a different system – and he did

Jason Bell rates former Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor as the best, while former San Francisco 49er recipient Jerry Rice was voted best of all in 2019external link Brady has surpassed childhood idol Joe Montana by added a second franchise to the Super Bowl Montana, which won four titles with the 49ers, was one game behind the big game after joining the Kansas City Chiefs

Now, Brady Peyton Manning wants to emulate just the second starting quarterback to win the Super Bowl with two different teams, while also receiving the notable award of winning more championships than any single NFL franchise

Brady attributes his longevity to his trainer, Alex Guerrero In his 2017 book “The TB12 Method,” Brady explained how Guerrero’s concept of “pliability” prevents muscle injury and how his diet reduces inflammation, although some of his claims have been dismissed as “dubious science,” external link

“The work I do with my body trainer, Alex, is critical to my success,” Brady said this week. “I understand that a really important part of good performance is everything I put into my body and how I took care of it “

Guerrero’s team privileges have been revoked in New England, but he is believed to have an office in Tampa Bayexternal link

Dave Hamilton, Director of Performance Science at Bucs, told the BBC: “Tom has his own systems and processes. He does a great job with nutrition, gets the right rest – sleep is a big part of him

“He has a team and we make sure we integrate and get the relevant information from and from each other so that we are all on the same page”

While Brady’s numbers have declined in his last two years in New England, this season’s shape shows he still has elite arm strength

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