Nine years after Helen Glover made history alongside Heather Stanning and became Britain’s first ever gold medalist from London in 2012, she has declared her ambition to give the Olympics one more shot

Glover didn’t get tired of the storied feats as the couple became Britain’s first female rowing champions and dominated their sport, winning world and European titles before splitting after their second Olympic triumph in Rio

While Stanning announced her retirement two months later, Glover kept her options open, retiring from the sport and marrying TV host Steve Backshall, but never made the end of her glittering Olympic odyssey entirely official

It turned out to be a cautious move as Glover, who now has three children under the age of three, succumbed to the itch to reach another athletic milestone by becoming the first British woman to join the rowing team after the games Children

was selected for the games

Glover said, “As the new year 2020 started and we expected the Games to be in six months, I had just had twins and was looking forward to watching the Olympics from my sofa

“I was very prepared not to be involved and definitely to the realization that the Olympics and rowing were not going to be part of my future”It’s not something I expected or expected – I still tell myself it doesn’t actually happen”

Glover’s urge to return took shape during the initial lockdown and became tangible when the International Olympic Committee took the unprecedented move to postpone the Tokyo Games for 12 months

Glover acknowledged that the desire to make more history was central to her ambition to force her way back into the UK rowing group for Tokyo, “It’s probably the motivator for me, no woman is after birth returned to sports from kids and made it to an Olympic team, and that’s huge, “she said

“It has to be done at some point and if not by me I want someone else to do it. Now that we have a daughter, all of these things become really obvious

“I want to be a really good role model for her and other girls, to show them that it doesn’t have to be in rowing, but in anything you want – someone has to break that barrier and show it is possible done ”

Glover, now 34, laughed at suggestions she might have tried to lure Stanning out of retirement to reunite their imposing partnership – “she would have hung up” – and will instead work within the UK team to find out which boat it is best for

“I would never have made it this year, but everyone has their own way of getting by and exercise has always been my way of doing it,” said Glover. “It slowly went from exercising while babies were napping to being the result that some points came back and got excited and thought this could be done

“I would have thought it ridiculous then it seemed less ridiculous as the weeks went by. There wasn’t much else going on, so it seemed like a good opportunity to just give it a try”

Helen Glover

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