Helen George, 36, suffered from ICP late in her pregnancy when she was pregnant with daughter Wren Ivy ICP, which stands for Intrahepatic Cholestasis, is a liver disease that can cause itching, and the actress urged others To be vigilant about the condition in 2018, and posted about her ordeal on social media

Alongside a picture of herself in a central London hospital room posted on Instagram, she wrote, “That was me a little over a year ago, dressed and showing my bump in Big Ben’s gaze the day before we walked the dog when I felt like my blood was literally boiling and itching all over my body, even my ears and eyes

“I had scratched myself so badly that my shellac nail polish had flaked off and I was black and blue with bruises”

Helen was aware that ICP ran in her family and she had a 50/50 chance of getting it during her own pregnancy

She called the charity’s ICP support and was ordered to go to the hospital for a blood test

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“I tried brushing it off, we had a roast chicken in the oven that I REALLY wanted to eat first, but I left and within 24 hours, Wren was delivered. It wasn’t my “perfect birth,” ”she continued,

“My nail polish was broken in all of the photos, everything I needed was missing in my travel bag, but Wren was safe 3 weeks early”

Helen ended her message by inviting her followers to a fundraiser she hosted for ICP Support – a charity that she is the patron of

Itching is common during pregnancy. It is believed that this is caused by increased levels of certain chemicals in the blood, such as: B. Hormones that are caused, explains the NHS

Later, when your bump grows, the skin of your abdomen will stretch and it may feel itchy too

The health authority advises: “ICP needs medical attention It affects 1 in 140 pregnant women in the UK”

Symptoms of ICP usually begin in their 30s Week of pregnancy, but can develop after eight weeks

Normally, bile acids flow from the liver into the intestines and help a person digest food

With ICP, however, the bile acids do not flow properly and instead build up in the body

If you experience mild or distressing itching, possibly worse at night, call your midwife or GP

Do the same if you are itchy anywhere on your body but worse on your palms and soles

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