Ofqual wants to make sure that this summer’s arrangements avoid putting students at a further disadvantage “at all costs”

Grades predicted by teachers are likely to replace high school graduation and GCSE as The Telegraph understands, as exams are excluded for all subjects

Gavin Williamson, the Secretary of Education, will issue an order to the Exam Supervisor setting his priority list for “alternative accommodation” for students

After Boris Johnson announced on Monday evening that schools would not be closed until mid-February at the earliest, only the children of key workers and the most vulnerable youths are allowed to participate

The Office of Qualifications and Examinations (Ofqual) ordinance said it wanted to ensure that regulations for this summer prevent students from being further disadvantaged “at all costs”

Officials at the Department of Education (DfE) have already created a number of options in case exams are canceled

Older sources have said that giving predicted grades based on their teachers’ recommendation is a likely course of action this summer

Ministers are keen to avoid repeating last summer’s audit chaos, which saw a controversial algorithm dropped after a major public outcry, which saw the main regulator of Ofqual step down along with the permanent secretary of the DfE

The teachers’ predicted grades were then used, resulting in a huge inflation rate A-Level grades rose an average of 12 percent and GCSE grades rose nine percent

Michael Gove told BBC Radio 4’s Today program, “My own daughter is due to graduate this year, my son is to do GCSEs – I know how hard students across the country worked between ages 11-13

“We will take alternative arrangements to ensure that the hard work students have done to acquire knowledge and develop their skills is appropriately valued, recognized and recognized”

Mr Gove said the full details are being worked out between Ofqual and Mr Williamson, adding, “One of the things about the assessment is that these students will necessarily be completing certain tasks that the teachers will assess whether they are from certain registrars or others being moderated in a certain way or not is a delicate process “

Government officials are concerned about the quality of distance learning children receive when schools are closed They are in discussion with Ofsted, the school guard, about recruiting inspectors to check schools and ensure the standard of education Distance education to date is

Anne Longfield, the England Commissioner for Children, said that all students who do not have a laptop or other device to work on at home should be offered a priority place in school starting Monday, adding: “The alternative is that not being able to learn what is simply not acceptable”

Headmasters have urged ministers to avoid their “usual Shambolic approach” and get students back to school as soon as possible

Geoff Barton, the general secretary of the Association of School and University Directors, warned the lockdown will “disrupt learners who have already been massively disrupted”

“Schools and colleges are very concerned about how exams can be conducted fairly in these circumstances,” he said. “We are very keen to work with the government and the Ofqual Examination Board to make this process as fair as possible “

An Ofqual spokesperson said, “We know how difficult this must be for students, teachers and faculty. We want at all costs to avoid making arrangements for the GCSEs, high school graduation, and professional and technical qualifications this summer that will give students more Add disadvantages

“We are considering a number of options to get the fairest possible result under the circumstances”

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A-Level 2021, GCSE

World News – UK – Teacher-predicted grades are likely to replace A-Levels and GCSEs if exams are excluded

Source: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/01/05/teachers-predicted-grades-likely-replace-a-levels-gcses-exams/