Gordon Elliott, one of the most successful coaches in racing, has been banned from training by the Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board (IHRB) for 12 months After the last six months were suspended, above a photo of him galloping on a dead horse that surfaced last Saturday, the penalty will occur on Jan. March in effect, a week before the opening day of the Cheltenham Festival, where Elliott was the lead coach twice
The IHRB ruling closed an eight-hour hearing on the case Friday and could result in a new coach taking temporary control of Elliott’s farm in County Meath ahead of the festival meetings in Cheltenham and Aintree, where the stable is expected to be have runners in the Grand National on Jan. April

The judgment also noted a “sinister aspect” of the case, accepting that “the publication of this photo is part of a concerted attack on Mr. Elliott, the full details of which are unknown”

Elliott released a statement shortly after announcing his suspension stating that he had been “treated fairly” by regulators and that he would “bear the burden of my transgressions for the rest of my career,” adding: “I will never again disregard a live or dead horse and I will not tolerate it in others”

Elliott also admitted that he “is in this situation by my own act and I will not evade it” He continued, “I pay a heavy price for my mistake, but I have no complaints. It breaks my heart to see the pain I have inflicted on my co-workers, family, friends and supporters. I have a long way to go but I’ll serve my time and then better rebuild ”

The picture of Elliott astride Morgan, an inexperienced pursuer who died at the age of seven in 2019, caused widespread anger and revulsion in both the racing industry and beyond, the coach ended speculation about its authenticity on Sunday night, saying in one Interview on Monday that this was the result of a “moment of madness”

When Judge Groarke announced the panel’s verdict on the case on Friday, he said the photo “caused considerable public dismay and anger in the public eye, not only in view of the portrayal, but also of Mr. Elliott’s cheerful demeanor and gestures have”

Groarke also outlined the panel’s discussion of the case before deciding on appropriate punishment, it noted that “Elliott, for any reasonable objective interpretation,” “treated the dead animal as an object of amusement” and “ruthlessly at one Photo participated “which was” totally inappropriate under all circumstances “

However, the panel also ruled that the incident “was neither strictly cruel nor on the basis of the evidence received … it was an animal welfare issue” and said it had heard no evidence that horses were in Elliott’s stable ” not maintained and maintained to the highest standards “

While deemed his sentence appropriate for the offense, the panel acknowledged that “it is only one of many penalties he is already suffering from and which he is likely to continue to suffer, including serious reputational damage and anecdotally significant economic loss.” through the loss of business contracts and the departure of horses from his farm to be trained elsewhere ”

Elliott also pays the 15The IHRB cost € 000 to bring the lawsuit and has agreed not to participate in a race meeting or point-to-point event for six months

In a statement Friday evening, the UK Horse Racing Authority “welcomed the fact that the Irish authorities have acted swiftly” adding that “respect is an essential and essential part of the duty of those responsible for animals”

The statement went on: “Today’s decision confirms that horses cannot run on Gordon Elliott’s behalf at the Cheltenham Festival or Grand National Festival Passed directly to other licensed trainers on March 1st, they can run “

The IHRB is expected to publish a more detailed report of the evidence heard and the reasoning of the panel in its finding in due course

Gordon Elliott

World News – UK – Gordon Elliott has imposed a year-long training ban on the photo of a dead horse

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2021/mar/05/gordon-elliott-handed-one-year-ban-dead-horse-photograph-racing