Great conjunction for the winter solstice: In cooperation with NASA, Google presented on Monday (21 December) the great conjunction for the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere in a scribble

On Monday, as the northern hemisphere marks the beginning of winter, we will also be spoiled with a rare and spectacular sight in the sky: the great conjunction The great conjunction is a visual overlap of Saturn and Jupiter, the two largest planets in our solar system, in the night sky The planets will almost overlap and form a “double planet”, an event that has not been easily visible since the Middle Ages – almost 800 years ago. The heavenly phenomenon can be observed from all over the world!

“Based on their orbits, Jupiter and Saturn will cross inward from our location on Earth 1 degree from each other (a fraction of the width of the full moon), a unique rendezvous that was recreated in the doodle artwork fool you, as the two gas giants will in fact remain a great distance of roughly 450 million miles apart! “Google said

The animated doodle shows the great conjunction as comic Saturn and Jupiter meeting for a quick high five, and the winter solstice as the literal “snow-covered” earth observing the other two planets

Google and NASA have given some tips on how to best see this spectacular, great conjunction tonight – especially on Dec. December 2020, the night of the winter solstice

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Weltnachrichten – GB – Google Doodle celebrates winter solstice and great connection between Jupiter and Saturn