Georgian officials were counting the final votes of the country’s turbulent 2020 election season on Tuesday night as the polls closed in two critical races that will determine control of the US. Senate and with it the fate of the legislative agenda of President-elect Joe Biden

The two runoff elections for the Senate are remnants of the November general election, in which neither candidate reached the 50 percent threshold.Democrats must win both races to win the Senate majority – and with it control of the new Congress, if Biden will take office in two weeks

President Donald Trump encouraged his loyalists to take effect despite undermining the integrity of the electoral system by making unsubstantiated allegations of electoral fraud to explain his own defeat in Georgia

Both Democrats had a small lead in the votes counted, but much of those votes came from pre-election-day ballot papers, which generally favor Democratic candidates, leaving Republicans room to catch up as more votes were cast on election day, which tend to favor the GOP

In a competition, Republican Kelly Loeffler, a 50-year-old former businesswoman who was appointed to the Senate by the state governor less than a year ago, met 51-year-old Democrat Raphael Warnock, who was the senior pastor of Atlanta Church where Martin Luther King Jr grew up and preached

In the other elections, 71-year-old former chief executive David Perdue, a Republican who held his Senate seat until the end of his term on Sunday, stood against Democrat Jon Ossoff, a former congressional assistant and journalist who would be just 33 Ossoff the youngest member of the Senate

The growing importance of the runoff elections has made Georgia, once a solidly republican state, one of the nation’s most important battlefields in the final days of Trump’s presidency

Biden and Trump personally fought for their candidates on the eve of the elections, although some Republicans feared Trump confused voters by continuing to make wild claims of electoral fraud as he tried to undermine Biden’s victory as he tried to undermine Biden’s victory Brad Raffensperger, a Republican, repeatedly attacked for denying his fraud allegations and voicing the prospect that some ballot papers may not be counted despite votes being cast Tuesday afternoon

Gabriel Sterling, a senior official for the Georgian Foreign Minister, said voting was smooth across the state and waiting times were minimal, although lines of around an hour had been set up in the Republican counties of Houston, Cherokee, Paulding and Forsyth / p>

While of no value, Trump’s claims of electoral fraud in the 2020 election have resonated with Republican voters in Georgia. Roughly 7 in 10 agree with his false claim that Biden was polling more than 3 people, according to AP VoteCast, a poll of more than 3600 voters in the runoff election, not the legitimately elected president was

Election officials across the country, including Republican governors in Arizona and Georgia, as well as Trump’s former Attorney General William Barr, have confirmed that there was no widespread fraud in the November election, and almost all legal challenges from Trump and his allies were from Judges dismissed, including two thrown from the Supreme Court where three Trump-nominated justices are presiding
Despite Trump’s claims, voters from both parties were drawn to the elections because of the high stakes AP VoteCast found that 6 out of 10 Georgia voters say Senate Party’s control is the most important factor in their vote

In Atlanta, Buckhead, 37-year-old Kari Callaghan said she voted All Democrat on Tuesday, an experience new to her

“I’ve always been a Republican, but Trump and the way Republicans work, and especially the news this weekend about everything that’s going on in Georgia, got me pretty disgusted,” she said. “I did that Feeling that the Republican candidates are still with Trump and the campaign with Trump is pretty lazy. These are not the conservative values ​​I grew up with ”

He said he was concerned about the recent support from Republican candidates for Trump’s challenges in the Georgia presidential election results, “but it didn’t really change the reasons I voted””

“I believe in balance of power and I basically don’t want any party to hold a referendum,” he said

Even before Tuesday, Georgia broke its turnout record for a runoff election with more than 3 million votes by mail or in person in December. The state’s previous record was 21 million in a 2008 Senate runoff

Democrats expected to get large participation from African Americans, young voters, Georgians, and college graduates, all groups that helped Biden win the state, while Republicans have now focused on building their own base of white men and empower voters beyond the core of Metro Atlanta

If Republicans win either seat, Biden will be the first new president in more than a century to enter the Oval Office before a divided Congress, in which case he would have little time for quick votes on his most ambitious plans to expand Government Supported Health Care, Combating Racial Inequality and Combating Climate Change

A Republican-controlled Senate would also create a tougher path to ratification for Biden’s cabinet selection and judicial candidates

This week’s elections mark the official finale of the hot 2020 election season, more than two months after the rest of the nation stopped voting.The results will also show whether the political coalition that fueled Biden’s victory is an anti-Trump -Anomaly or part of a new landscape was

Biden won Georgia’s 16 electoral votes with about 12000 of 5 million votes cast in November

People reported from New York Bynum reported from Savannah, Ga. Associate press writers Haleluya Hadero, Angie Wang, Sophia Tulp, Ben Nadler and Kate Brumback in Atlanta contributed to this report

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